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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Ivan woke me up around 11:30 am on March 20, 2010.  We had to get ready for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Carl had already left since he would be riding his bike in the parade.

I was running behind.  Everybody showered.  Ivan drove me and Renaud to the parade.  Carl texted to say that we should go around the Capital Building.

Carl said it would be hard to find parking close by.  Everybody was parking on the side of the road or on the grass or gravel.  Then, they would walk to the parade.  We found a spot.  It took us a few minutes to walk to the parade.  

There was lots of floats coming back.  There was lots of green, Oscar the Grouch, Kermit the Frog, Shrek and other green characters.  Some spent a lot of time on their floats while other didn’t. 


People were throwing beads from their float along with toys and t-shirts. 

We saw Carl come by on his bike.  He got off his bike trying to rile up the crowd and put beads on people. 

We kept walking along the St. Patrick’s Day Parade during the pauses between the floats.  We walked a lot that day.  It was really tiring.

We reached the end of the parade.  Renaud (the French couchsurfer) sent a text to Carl to see if he could meet us at the end of the parade.

Ivan made a big necklace that was made out of linked beads.  One end was around my neck and one around Ivan’s neck.  Ivan came up with the idea of playing jump rope with it. 


Carl decided to jump in our necklace rope.  But, eventually the necklace breaks since it’s not really that strong.

We left the parade at 4:50 pm.  We were going to a coffee shop but Carl’s friend Steve called him.  He said that he was having a party at his house.  So, we drove to Steve’s house.  He has a lovely house with a big porch out front.  Steve told us to make ourselves at home.  We met his pretty daughter Emily.  We chatted with the locals.  We some some drinks there.  Everybody was very friendly.  It was great hearing their Mississippi accents.  We had some pizza and salad there for dinner.

Carl said it was time to leave.  We said thank you to Steve and left.

Carl drove us to our car.  We followed Carl to F. Jones Corner.  There was a crappy band on outside.  We walked inside and nothing was going on.

We drove back to Carl’s apartment.  Everybody was so tired from walking a lot during the parade.  We used the internet and then soon went to bed.

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