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Walking around San Antonio

Ivan and I walked to Bill Miller BBQ on March 1, 2010.  Roscoe recommended it for good bbq.  We each got a bbq chicken sandwich.  We thought it was okay.  We didn’t think the bbq sauce tasted that good.

We met our tour guide at The Alamo.


We were headed on a San Antonio Walks tour.  Our tour guide Gary talked pretty much the whole time.  It was so interesting to hear all about The Alamo and also the history of San Antonio.  The weather was weird today.  It started showering for a few minutes and then it was sunny again.  It was a bit cold out as well.  We walked around the downtown area during the tour.


Also, along the Riverwalk and the La Villita area.  We enjoyed the tour.

We walked around San Antonio.  We walked through the shops in La Villita.  We stopped at a shop to get some Blue Bell ice cream.  My friend Amy told me I need to try some.  We had the chocolate and it tasted really good!  I wanted to take pictures of The Alamo.  It’s free to walk inside the Alamo.  You’re not allowed to wear hats since it’s considered a holy place (it used to be a chapel).  It’s crazy to imagine less than 200 people against 4,000 Mexicans.  Those are bad odds!  Those men were definitely brave.

We walked back to the hotel to chill.  Ivan and I did our laundry at the coin-operated machines.

I called Roscoe to see if he was ready to go to dinner.  Ivan, Roscoe and I walked to the Riverwalk.  We were checking out the restaurants.  Ivan wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack.  Some of the restaurants on the Riverwalk are too expensive.  Ivan and Roscoe have never been to Joe’s.  I’ve been to one in Las Vegas.  Ivan and I shared a big Shark Bite drink that’s meant for two people.


Ivan and I shared the crab stuffed mushrooms and the seafood platter.  The seafood platter came with tilapia, a crab cake and malibu shrimp.  The food was delicious!


Ivan, Jennifer and Roscoe

Roscoe walked us to Howl at the Moon.  We said good night to Roscoe.

Howl at the Moon is a bar that has dueling pianos.  The cover charge is $5 per person.  We went inside and found a table near the stage.

It was a guy and a girl on two pianos.  They sounded alright.  They played lots of requests like Santeria by Sublime and I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.


Colombian Food and San Antonio

Ivan and I woke up around noon on February 28, 2010.  Erika and Sara slept in.  We were thinking of headed to San Antonio as soon as we could.  Erika asked if we wanted to eat Colombian food and then hypnosis.  We said that we would join them for Colombian food since we didn’t have much time.  Both of us have never eaten Colombian food before.  Erika told us she didn’t want us to leave.

Ivan drove to Casa Colombia.  Erika and Sara ordered a few starters.  The plantains with cheese inside was really good.  Juli and Mark met us there.


Ivan and I shared the arroz con pollo and the tilapia.  The arroz con pollo was delicious.  Really good food!  It was great chatting to Erika, Sara, Juli and Mark.

We had a great time staying with Erika and Sara.  They really made us feel welcome in their home.  We felt like part of their circle of friends.  They’re lots of fun!

We started driving to San Antonio around 5:20 pm.  We did stop at Wal-Mart to grab a few things.  We arrived at 6:45 pm.  We met up with Roscoe at The Morris.  Roscoe is a guy I met on the internet years ago.  We always keep up with each other’s blogs and we chat via Twitter.  He has an apartment at The Morris.  Some of the rooms are set up as hotel rooms.  He got us a hotel room for 2 nights and he paid for it.  He’s such a nice guy.  He also stocked our refrigerator with food and drinks.  The Daves (the two monkeys we’re traveling with) were happy since Roscoe bought them bananas. 


Roscoe showed us around The Morris.  We chatted for a few minutes in his apartment.  We asked if he wanted to join us for dinner later.  He said yes.  He knew of a 24 hour place nearby.

We put our backpacks in the room and unpacked.  We also took showers.

It was raining when we met in the lobby around 10 pm.  Roscoe brought an umbrella.  Ivan and Roscoe used the umbrella.  My jacket has a hood.   Rain was getting on my eyeglasses though.


We walked a few blocks to the colorfully decorated Mi Tierra – a Tex Mex restaurant.  Ivan and I shared the chicken quesadilla and chicken fajitas.  The margaritas are very good there.  We chatted with Roscoe for awhile.  He’s a cool guy.  We walked back to The Morris.

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