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Key West

Ivan and I had breakfast in bed again on March 9, 2010.  We had to turn our clocks forward one hour last night.  We arrived in Key West, Florida at 9:30 am.  We discovered that there was free wi-fi available from the Hyatt. 

We got off the cruise ship and walked around Key West.  I saw a Free Bar Tasting sign at Peppers of Key West.  It’s a shop that sells hot sauces and marinades.  We got to sample a couple different sauces.  Ivan bought the Key West is Goin’ Bananas Hot Sauce.  It was really tasty and not too spicy. 

We had lunch at Fogarty’s.  Ivan and I shared the Conch Fritters and a dolphin sandwich (it was actually a white fish and NOT dolphin). 

We got a slice of key lime pie at Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe.  We used their free wi-fi there right next to the koi pond in the back.  We ate the key lime pie.  It was good.  That was my first slice of key lime pie.

We walked around some more.  Ivan bought me a skirt and a pair of Key West shorts for $5 each.  We saw a few different statues around Key West. 


We went back on the cruise ship at 4:15 pm. 

We put on our bathing suits and went to the jacuzzi.  Then, we went to the sushi bar and had a few rolls of sushi. 

We rested in the room for a bit.  We went to the gym to work out.

We went to the Motown show.  It was alright.  A guy brought up people to sing songs with him. 

We went to the Renoir restaurant for dinner.  Ivan asked earlier to be assigned to a new table since we wanted to meet new people.  The maitr’d wasn’t very happy about this.  He said once you’re assigned a table, that will be your table the rest of the time. We’re not sure why somebody told Ivan otherwise. 

We were taken to a table for six.  A few minutes later, we met two nice ladies.  Bonnie is from Chicago and Christine is from Washington D.C.  They’re both very friendly.  We chatted with them a lot.  They told us that the other two girls probably wouldn’t be coming.  They said that both of those girls are cruise veterans.  Bonnie talked to Christian (one of the entertainment hosts on the cruise ship) about Megan Ham.  She was the one mentioned on the announcement that woke us up four times on our first morning of the cruise.  Bonnie said that she is a 20 year old woman.  It was her mother who freaked out when she didn’t see Megan in the cruise ship.  So, she told somebody to announce it, so she would come back.  I guess she was worried that she was lost or in trouble.  Ivan thought that it was a small child that was lost, but that wasn’t the case.

Ivan and I shared the Study of Sushi which came with a few sushi items.  We also shared a tasty black bean soup.  We shared two tasty main courses: chicken sicilian style with eggplant and mushrooms and a salmon dish.  For dessert, we shared the warm chocolate melting cake.


The waiters started dancing to Jai Ho.  Some of the waiters were dancing on the tables.  It was pretty cool.  A few guests joined in.

We went to check out mardi gras party, but it was cheesy. They have different events for your team.  Teams are divided up with the different floors.  I think we’re the Red Team, but Ivan thinks we’re the Blue Team.  There were different events like karaoke and dancing.  The teams were awarded points for doing good.  We really don’t care about the points at all.  I’m not sure if the teams win anything at the end.  Some people are way into it, they were actually wearing their team colors like our Fun Times newsletters suggested.  We decided to go to bed since we would be waking up early.

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