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Freeport, Bahamas

Ivan and I enjoyed our breakfast in bed again on March 10, 2010.  We arrived in Freeport, Bahamas at 8:30 am.  We left the cruise ship at 9 am.  We got a taxi into town. 

We walked around a bit.  Ivan wanted to do the tour where you can swim with dolphins.  But, it’s way too expensive.  They do have a cheaper tour but it only includes a dolphin show and you get to pat the dolphin. 

We walked to the beach.  It was a beautiful beach with white sand. 


We put our towels down and laid down.  Ivan and I were so tired that we fell asleep.  The weather was sunny, but it was a little breezy.   Sometimes it was a little cold since we were near the water.  I went into the water for a few minutes but it was too cold.  It was nice that the weather wasn’t too hot.  It’s Spring Break so there were tons of people there playing volleyball and drinking.

We went to eat at Zorba’s Greek Cuisine for lunch.  We had hummus, conch chowder and a fried conch wrap. 


We walked back to the beach.  We watched people play beach volleyball.  There was a stage with loud music playing.  We watched a few minutes of the Sex Position contest. 

We went back to the ship about 4 pm.  We chilled in the room.  I fell asleep.  The sun always makes me so tired.

Ivan went to have sushi.  Ivan went to the running track which is on the top deck.  He saw a beautiful sunset up there.  I continued to rest.  I worked on the blog some. 

We went to see Lady of Hellevi – Enchantress of Elements.  There was a long intro with music and a video playing.  Ivan and I thought that was unnecessary.  It was kinda boring anyway.  The magic show was really cheesy.  There was a lot of dancers from the Carnival dancers.  Lady Hellevi did acrobatics with the white silk in the air.  Of course, she did magic but it was really cheesy.  Ivan said she’s attractive so she can get away with it.  Some of the magic tricks were so obvious.  But, the boat is filled with a lot of Texans.  I don’t know if they’ve never seen a magic show before or not.. but they seemed pretty impressed.  We saw a guy who had on a shirt that said I am Megan Ham on it.  Megan Ham has become a joke all along the ship.

We went to dinner at Renoir again.  We saw Bonnie and Christine again.  We met the new ladies Kimberly and Leighanne.  We’ve seen Leighanne before.  She was a judge in the Hairy Chest Contest.  We chatted with all the ladies.  Ivan and I shared the yummy Tom Ka Gai soup and the wilted spinach with walnuts for our starters.  We ordered the seafood dish and the salmon with eggplant.  The salmon was great, but the seafood dish was plain.  We were going to order something else.  But, Bonnie offered us half of her vegetable and black bean enchilada.  She was full from all her dishes.  The enchilada was really good.  Of course, we had our favorite dessert – the warm chocolate melting cake. 

We checked out the pictures that were taken of us on the ship.  The cruise ship has many opportunities where you can take pictures with their professional photographers.  It’s funny coz they make you pose in cheesy poses.  Everybody always smiles or looks all serious in their photo.  Ivan and I make funny faces.  We would love to buy some of the pictures of us but the portraits are $21.99 per picture.  That’s just too expensive!  But, we might buy one.. we’ll see!

We took more pictures all over the boat. 

We went to the Adult Game Show.  It features three married couples –  one married for 4 days (which is actually a lie because it was Leighanne who’s actually single and a guy she met on the boat), a couple married 14 years and one married for 21 years.  Leighanne was really drunk.  It was really funny because they had to answer a lot of questions about sex.  Nobody won at the end, even though it was obvious one couple got the most questions right.  Each couple did win a bottle of champagne for participating in the game. 


When we walked in the room, there was a towel monkey in our room.  It’s great that we get a new towel animal every night when they turn down the room.  Lil Dave (the small monkey we’re traveling with) thought it was pretty cool.  He wished that it was a real monkey he could play with.

We went to sleep early again since we’d be arriving in Nassau, Bahamas early tomorrow.

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