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Ivan and I said thank you and goodbye to Ramano on February 26, 2010.  We decided to stop for lunch at La Duni in Dallas.  It’s a Latin cafe.  Ivan and I shared French Toast and a Gaucho Chicken Breast sandwich there.  The food was good there.

We started driving towards Austin at 11:40 am.  We stopped at West for a Czech bakery.  We wanted to try a kolache.  They have them with mostly meats.  But, there were some with sweet stuff inside.  Ivan thought it might be good.  Unfortunately, it was salty and sweet.  It didn’t taste good at all!

We arrived in Austin at 3:40 pm.  The couchsurfers Erika and Sara weren’t home yet.  So, we decided to do some sightseeing.  Ivan read about South Congress Avenue.  It’s a cool street filled with very unique shops like Monkey See, Monkey Do!, Uncommon Objects, Tesoro’s Trading Co. and a cool costume shop (can’t recall the name).  Our favorite shop was Monkey See, Monkey Do!  The two monkeys who are travelling with us (The Daves – Big Dave and son Lil Dave) loved it as well!  The Daves do their own thing – always something monkey related!

We talked to Erika on the phone.  She told us that she would be getting off earlier.  So, she said we could come to her apartment in an hour.  She recommended that we try Home Slice Pizza.  It’s supposedly the best pizza in the city.

We walked to Home Slice Pizza.  Ivan ordered two slices: Margherita and eggplant.  The Margherita tasted better.  The pizza was good but not fantastic.


We saw the Hey Cupcake! van.  We bought a chocolate cupcake for Erika there.

Erika got a flat tire.  We waited a few minutes near their apartment and used the internet.  Erika called and told us that her sister Sara was home, so we could go to their apartment. 

We met Sara.  She’s a sweet girl who’s going to college at UT.  Erika arrived later on.  She’s also very friendly.  They asked if we wanted to go to their friend Reese’s surprise party.  It was Texas themed.  So, they were going to dress like Texans and wear hats since his last name has hat in it.

We yelled Surprise! and blew on our noisemakers.  Reese was definitely surprised.


They made him a Texas shaped cake and decorated it with the Texas flag on it.  How cool!

Erika and Sara’s friends were very friendly and liked to chat.  It was great.  Ivan and I drank some Mike’s Hard Spiced Apple that we brought.  It was really good!

Somebody thought we should head to a bar.  The bars in Texas stop serving alcohol at 2 am.  Ivan and I thought it was silly to go since it was already almost 1 am.  One of Erika’s friends drove us to the 04 Lounge.

It was pretty crowded in the bar.  Ivan bought some drinks.  Most of Erika and Sara’s friends smokes so we were outside hanging out with them.  It was a little cold out.

The bartender said that it was 2 am and that everybody had to finish their drink and come inside.  It’s so weird to me and Ivan that the bar closes so early.  We’re used to Las Vegas where bars are 24 hours or  they close really late.

We went back to Reese’s condo.  Ivan and I danced to the music that was playing.  Somebody didn’t like the dance music and put some boring Otis Redding on.   It was a really fun night.  I’m not sure where the time went.  I fell asleep for a little while.  We went back around 6 am.  Ivan and I pulled out the mattress in the sofa and went to bed around 6:45 am.


Tex Mex Cowboys

Ivan and I went to Chuy’s for lunch on February 25, 2010.  Ramano recommended it.   It’s known for good Tex Mex cuisine.  Ivan and I shared the chicken enchilada and chicken fajita burrito.


Big as Your Face Burrito

The chicken fajita is huge.  It was really great food!  We were so stuffed when we left.


We stopped at a McDonald’s that’s shaped like a happy meal.  Inside, it’s very nice with wood paneling on the booths.

Ivan drove us to Arlington.  We got to the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  We bought tickets for the tour.  Our tour guide was very informative.  He had a thick Texan accent which reminded me of George W. Bush.  The stadium is the biggest sports arena in the world.


The stadium was getting ready for a monster truck event.  So, there was no grass down.  It’s a huge place!  We went into the Dallas Cowboys dressing room and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders dressing room.  The dressing room is underground.

We drove back to Ramano’s house.

We went to eat with Ramano at Vermont Tangos.  Most of the dishes are for sharing.  Ramano ordered four dishes:  sweet potato fries, hummus, chicken and waffles and sea bass skewers.  All the dishes tasted awesome!  It was the first time that Ivan and I tried chicken and waffles.  We had a drink each: a Victor Tangos and a Passionfruit Gimlet.  They tasted really good!  A few couchsurfers Ramano knows joined our table.

We went to another bar called Capitol Pub.  We just chatted there.  Ramano’s friends played darks.  We had a glass of red wine there.



Ivan and I said thank you and goodbye to Jeff on February 24, 2010.  He’s a really friendly guy who likes to talk.  We started driving to Dallas at 11:30 am.  We stopped at Wal-Mart to grab some food.  When we arrived in Texas, there was a rest stop with lots of Texas information.  Apparently, there’s free wi-fi as well. 

We arrived in Dallas at 3:30 pm.  Ivan drove to the downtown area.  We went to the Sixth Floor Museum.  It talks about John F. Kennedy and his assassination.  It was really interesting.  I found it a bit sad though.

We were getting hungry.  Ivan was looking for food places in the GPS unit.  He saw Dick’s Last Resort.  We decided to drive there and see if there was anything good to eat nearby.

We parked near Dick’s.  There wasn’t much selection so we decided to eat at Dick’s.  Dick’s Last Resort is a restaurant is where the servers are rude to you.  They make witty, humorous comments to you.  They also make hats with funny things on them. 


Our waiter started out rude but then became nice.  We ordered the salmon and a side order of catfish to share.  The catfish was good and the salmon was alright.

We drove to the couchsurfer’s house we’d be staying with.  We talked a little bit to Ramano.  He took us to a bar called Barcadia.  It’s filled with 80’s arcade games, skeeball and big jenga games.  We met Ramano’s friends.  Ivan and I ordered hummus to share and each had a glass of wine.  We played a few games of Street Fighter II. 

We all went to another bar nearby called The Corner Bar.  It’s really noisy in there.  People were singing really bad karaoke.  The main room was way too noisy.  We stayed there for little while.  Ivan, me and Ramano headed back to Ramano’s house.

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