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Glenwood Caverns

On April 10, 2010, Ivan and I went to lunch at 11 am.  We went to Daily Bread.  Ivan had a good grilled chicken sandwich.  I had a French Dip which was only okay.  The roast beef was a bit dark and didn’t taste very good.

We drove to the bottom of the cable cars for Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  We went on a cable car and it took us up to the park.  It turns out a lot of things were closed like the big swing, maze, and mechanical bull. 

We arrived at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Parks.  There wasn’t that many people there.  I checked out the gift shop.  I found some souvenirs that I could get for my nieces and nephews.

We went on the 1:30 pm cave tour.  Our guide was a lady named Mary.  She took us down to the first cave.  When it was first discovered, the people would go down in their Sunday best through a hole and climb down.  Good thing we didn’t have to do that!  We entered through a door.  The cave was alright inside.  There was only small stalactites growing.  During World War I, the cave was shut down.  But, it wasn’t closed off.  People took formations and a lot of air got inside. 

Ivan was in charge of closing the doors.  It’s essential to keep out air so that the cave can grow.  We came to a door that took us outside.  There was a beautiful view of the town and the mountains.


We walked back through the cave to the entrance.  A long time ago, a man was allowed to explore the cave with permission from the owners.  He discovered a new cave below.  He didn’t tell the owners.  He did offer to buy it from them and they agreed.

We went to the lower cave. It was beautiful down there.  There’s lots of stalagmites and stalactites. 


There were a few formations and things that look like bacon on the wall.  The best part was a room at the bottom. 


It had many formations and stalactites.  We walked back up.  We saw the heart of the cave which actually looks like a human heart. 

Next, we went on the flying coaster.  We each had our own cart.  You get to control how fast you go.  It’s a lot of fun! 

Next, we checked out the laser tag.  It’s a lot of fun running around and shooting people.  We jumped in a game that was already  in play, so we only played for 2 minutes.  We started another game.  There’s lots of places to hide behind walls or a bar area.   

I was a bit hot from the laser tag since I played with my coat on.  We decided to check out the 4D theatre.  We saw the mine ride.  It’s cool in the 4D theatre since air and water are blown in your face and the seats move and vibrate.  We stayed in the theatre to watch a story about turtles.  Then, we watched snow ride.  It takes you on a ride through the snow.

We stopped at the restaurant to have some hot tea.  Ivan had Englsh Breakfast and I had Cinammon Apple Spice.

We went on the flying coaster.  We thought it would be cool to ride on one cart together. 


We were told that it goes faster with two people.  It was really fast.  Ivan drove and I enjoyed the ride.  We liked it so much, we went on it again!  This time I took a video. 

Check out the flying coaster:

I bought souvenirs in the store.  We drove back to the hotel and relaxed.

We drove to JH Chen Asian Bistro for dinner.  The restaurant serves Chinese and Japanese dishes.  Ivan and I started off with a great vegetable tofu soup.  Then, we shared the Singapore rice noodles with chicken and eggplant with shrimp and chicken.  The eggplant dish was delicious!  

We walked to the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co.  We each had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  I noticed the San Antonio Spurs were playing the Denver Nuggets on the tv.  It made me think of my friend Roscoe.  We chatted for awhile and then drove back to the hotel.


Glenwood Springs

Ivan and I checked out of Beaver Village Lodge at 11:30 am on April 9, 2010.  We started driving towards Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

We stopped at Vail, Colorado for lunch at 1:20 pm.  We walked to Up the Creek.  We sat down inside the restaurant right by the window.  There’s a nice view of the creek.  Ivan had a vegetarian sandwich with french onion soup.  I had a tasty grilled chicken sandwich with avocado.

I popped inside a few souvenir shops.  I found a souvenir for my dad there. 

I started driving.  We passed through the beautiful Glenwood Canyon. There’s huge rocks all around the highway that are covered with snow.  How amazing!  A few weeks ago, rocks that were 1 mile long fell from Glenwood Canyon.  So, I was a bit anxious to get out of the area.  I didn’t want any rocks to fall on us.  That would be scary!  We passed a place called No Name


I guess nobody showed up to the meeting when they wanted to pick a name.  So, No Name was written down.

We arrived at the hotel at 4:12 pm.  We checked in to the Frontier Lodge.  We used the internet and watched tv.

Ivan drove to Rib City Grill.  Ivan and I shared the tasty catfish dinner special which came with two sides of salad and corn.


We got two big pieces of fried catfish filets.  We also got the 1/2 chicken meal with coleslaw and applesauce.  It was good food.

Ivan drove us to the Glenwood Hot Springs.  We got changed into our swimsuits and then went outside.  We passed the therapy pool.  We weren’t sure what that meant.  So, we walked into the other pool.  It wasn’t that hot.  So, we went inside the therapy pool.  It was really hot in there.  The other pool is just a regular swimming pool and it’s much bigger.  Unfortunately, there was no places to sit, except for the steps. There were no free floaties to use.  I did float around on my back for awhile since the water has salt in it, it makes you float.  I like chilling in the hot water, but I can’t stay in too long since I start sweating. We stayed for an hour and then drove back to the hotel.


Ski Lesson

Ivan and I woke up around 8 am.  Ivan went to get the free breakfast.  He brought me some food.  I didn’t feel like getting out of bed to get some – I’m definitely not a morning person.  I hypnotized myself so that I wouldn’t be affected by the altitude sickness.

Ivan drove us to the Village at Winter Park Resort.  We walked to the Ski School.  We printed out our vouchers.

We needed to rent clothes.  So, we went to the shop there.  Ivan got  a jacket and pants.  I just needed pants.  We rented them and then went back to the Ski School.  We got our boots, skis and poles.

We went outside at 9:30 am for our ski lesson.  I used to ski years ago.  I wasn’t that good, but able to go down the hills.  There was 7 people in our group.  Our guide Bruce was teaching us how to ski.  At first we were on the hills that weren’t that steep.

We moved to another area where you can take a magic carpet up to get to the top.  The magic carpet is like a moving escalator.  Our teacher was teaching us how to turn.


I was doing alright turning and going zig zag down the hill.  I started doing the wedge (snow plowing) and the teacher said it’s fine that I’m  doing that.  You’re just anxious he said, but we don’t teach that – instead we teach you to turn.  Ivan was doing alright.

We went up the Gemini ski lift.  At one point, I started going really fast and fell flat on my face.  I started crying and said I didn’t want to do it anymore.  My ankles and feet hurt.  It took me forever to put my boots back on. 

We came down the mountain and I was way too tired.  So, I sat down on the bench while the rest of the group went back up.  Everybody came down.

We had to go down another hill to head back for lunch.  I thought I could make it down.  It was a little steep.  I wanted to turn, but my ankles hurt so much.  The ski instructor wanted me to grab on to the poles and he would help me down.  But, I thought I could just ski down.  So, I kept skiing down and then snow plowing so I would stop.  Ivan suggested that I walk down.  I thought that might be embarrassing.  But, after awhile my ankles and thighs hurt really bad – so I thought I should walk down.  I started walking down.  Ivan and Bruce skiied down.  Bruce, the ski instructor, took my poles down.  A few minutes later, a guy who carries people to the lift came.  I got on and he drove me down the hill.  Bruce had told the guy to retrieve me.  Ivan and Bruce were waiting for me at the bottom.  

I was so knackered.  We went to the food court for lunch.  Ivan and I each had a noodle bowl soup with chicken. 

I returned my ski equipment and the pants I rented. 

Ivan went out to finish his lesson.  He went on a higher ski run. 


It’s really beautiful up there.  I drove back to the hotel.  I used the internet and took a nap.  I wasn’t feeling so good.  I had a big headache.

I picked up Ivan from The Village at 4 pm.  He was so red since we forgot to put on suntan lotion.  He went on a really steep mountain and went down.  He definitely has learned to ski better.

We chilled in the hotel and used the internet.

Ivan and I decided to have sushi for dinner.  We went to The Sushi Bar.  We shared the spiked miso soup and glazed edamame for a starter.  Edamame always reminds me of my sister-in-law since she likes it.  The glazed edamame is covered in soy sauce and sesame seeds.  They were really messy to eat, but they tasted good.  We got two sushi rolls: The Hula and The Rainbow.  The sushi rolls were really big.  The sushi rolls were very original and tasted great.  We really love eating sushi! 

We went back to the hotel.  We were so tired.  We watched an episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em and then went to sleep early.



Ivan and I said goodbye and thanks to Jim on April 7, 2010.  We said goodbye to Lamar.

We left the house about 11:30 am.  We drove to downtown.  Ivan went to the post office.  He had to pick up his package.  He lost his laptop cord and the owner in Lamar sent it to him. 

We had lunch at Subway.

Ivan started driving to Winter Park, Colorado. 


It was really beautiful views while driving.  We arrived there at 1:30 pm.  I didn’t want the altitude sickness to affect me.  I hypnotized myself so I wouldn’t feel sick from the elevation.  A little while later, I did feel better.

Ivan wanted to go tubing.  But, it was only 6 seconds down the hill and then 5 minutes up the escalator.  It wasn’t really worth it for $16 an hour.

Ivan thought we should book snowmobiling instead.  He called a place and booked it for 3:30 pm.

We went to the Village located in the Winter Park Resort.  It’s free parking for short term parking which is 45 minutes or less.  We went to Back Bowl Soup.  Ivan and I shared the cheese and broccoli soup.  The soup place only had two soups for the day.  That’s very strange since it’s a soup restaurant.

We drove to Grand Adventures.  We were going snowmobiling.  Ivan and I would be on one snowmobile.  We had to get our helmets first.  Then, it was time to get our boots and suit.

Then, we got on our snowmobiles.  The guide told us how to drive the snowmobile.  I was going to drive.  But, then the guide talked about how somebody crashed into one of the buildings when he revved to start going – it got me scared.  I crashed a motorbike in Bali last year, so now I get scared driving certain things that I could crash.  So, I told Ivan he could drive.  Ivan loves driving anything fast.

It was really beautiful going up the mountain in the snowmobile.  It was really cold.  We had on gloves but they’re not that thick.  Ivan’s hands got warmed up from the hand warmer on the handle bars and his feet were being warmed as well.  I was freezing. 

We got to the top of the mountain and it was snowing up there.  It was cold especially since it was a little windy as well.   It was a beautiful view up there.


I put my hands on the handlebar to try to warm them up.  I didn’t think it was warm.  Our guide said I could wear his spare gloves.  They were nice and warm since they were gloves meant for skiing.

Towards the end, we were driving through trees.  Ivan was going  slower since it was really close to the trees.  I would have been driving slow as well.  Ivan didn’t want to run into a branch or a tree.  We had a fun time snowmobiling.

Here’s a video of us snowmobiling – turn down the sound, it doesn’t sound that good:

We started driving towards the couchsurfer’s apartment.  Jeff gave us the address and the number to his roommate.  He would be busy all day, but his roommate would be home.  We couldn’t find the address he gave us.  We drove everywhere and asked people where if they knew where it was.  Ivan wrote a message to him.  We weren’t sure if he would get it, since he was out of his house. 

We decided to get some dinner.  We drove to Star of India.  We shared chicken tikka, chicken kedai and garlic naan.  It was really good food.

The couchsurfer Jeff didn’t respond to Ivan’s message.  Ivan booked the Beaver Village Lodge nearby online.

We drove to the Beaver Village Lodge.  The front desk was closed, so Ivan had to find the caretaker.  We got checked in.

We put our backpacks in the room.  We used the internet for a short while.  We put on our swimsuits and then went to the hot tub.  I was so glad that the hot tub was indoors.  It was really hot in there.  Somebody put bubble bath in the hot tub, so there was lots of big bubbles on the water.

We used the internet for awhile.  We watched something on the laptop Then, we decided we should sleep since we had to wake up early tomorrow morning.


Sleigh Ride

Ivan and I chilled in the house for a little whille on April 6, 2010.

We took the gondola in Breckenridge.  It took us to the base of the mountain. 

It was snowing.  We had a late lunch at Sevens.  Ivan and I shared the vegetable chili and chicken udon noodle bowl.  Ivan figured out that I had altitude sickness.  That’s why I had headaches and thought that everything was too bright.

We drove back into town.  We looked for gloves and souvenirs.  We found some gloves that would keep us warm, but they weren’t waterproof.  We bought two cupcakes at Rocky Mountain Cupcakes. We got a Strawberry cupcake for Ivan and me and Black and White for Jim.  The cupcakes are good, but are expensive at $3 each.

We drove to Frisco.  We were taking a dinner sleigh ride with TwoBelowZero.  We got into our sleigh.  It was cold and snowing outside.  Our guide was named Jason.  The mules who were pulling our sleigh were named Jan and Judy.   Our guide put a blanket on us to keep us warm. 


It took a few minutes to arrive at the tent.  Here, we would have dinner and see a show.

Ivan’s last name was listed on one of the tables.  We were seated with a family of 5 from Florida and a couple who lived in Colorado.  The table had water and hot chocolate.  A man from Nashville welcomed  us. We drank the tasty warm hot chocolate to warm our bones.  Then our guides served the adults peppermint schnapps.  It was like drinking a peppermint candy cane with alcohol added.

We got a chicken cheese enchilada soup for a starter.  It was so very tasty!

Our main dish was a double chicken for me and Ivan got a vegetarian lasagna.  I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t eat everything.  It did taste good though.

Our dessert came next.  It was apple crumble pie with whipped cream on top.  Ivan and I both took off the cream.  The apple crumble pie was delicious!


Our entertainment was the Nashville guy.  He sang many songs like Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond.  He was a good singer.

We had a great time on our first sleigh ride.  Everybody jumped back on the sleigh.  We were taken back to the main building.

Ivan and I drove back to the house.  We talked to Jim about our sleigh ride.  We gave him the cupcake and he said  thanks.  We watched tv with Jim for awhile.  Then, it was off to bed.



Ivan and I packed everything up on April 5, 2010.  Travis wasn’t home.  So, we left a note for him saying thank you and goodbye. 

Ivan drove us to the Red Rocks Grill for lunch.  Ivan had a veggie melt while I had two hard and two soft chicken tacos.  I had a sore throat so it hurt to swallow.  I was eating, but very slowly. 

We went to Red Rocks Amphitheater


It’s a big outdoor theater.  Many bands and singers have performed there like Abba, Chemical Brothers, The Beatles and Bjork.  It’s really beautiful up there with all the red rocks.

My eyes hurt and everything was really bright.  I covered my face and slept during the drive to Breckenridge. 

Ivan parked on Main Street in Breckenridge.  He walked around while I chilled in the car.  I still wasn’t feeling good.

Ivan drove to the couchsurfer’s house we’d be staying at for two nights.  We met Jim who has a beautiful 4 bedroom house.  His wife was out of town.  We met his puppy Labrador Lamar.  He’s so cute. Ivan noticed the Wurlitzer.  It’s an original Wulitzer jukebox that has the original old records.  Jim played a couple songs on it for us.

We chilled at the house for awhile.

We drove to find some dinner.  We went to Downstairs at Eric’s.  Ivan and I shared the apple curry chicken soup which was real tasty.  My throat still hurt so it was little painful to eat.  We got a Thai salad and a pizza with garlic wheat crust with chicken, red onions and crushed garlic.  We didn’t touch the salad and decided to save that for lunch tomorrow.  The pizza was fantastic!  We really loved the taste of the wheat crust.

We went back to the house.  We watched the move The Invention of Lying which is a really good movie.


Bus Tour

Ivan and I chilled for awhile in the house on April 4, 2010.  I had a headache. 

We drove downtown.  We had lunch at BD’s Mongolian Grill.  It’s like the Genghis Grill in Kansas City.  You pick your meat or seafood, noodles, spices and sauces and place it in your bowl.  Then, you give your bowl to a cook.  He or She cooks it up.  I had one with an egg, chicken, noodles, tofu, onions and a teriyaki sauce.  It also comes with either rice or tortillas.  It was good, but we definitely preferred Genghis Grill. 


We walked to the Big Blue Bear.  We were meeting the bus tour there.  We were going on the Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour.  It was only me, Ivan and a couple from Germany on the bus. 


I guess it was slow since it was Easter Sunday.  Our tour guide was Drew.  The bus is very unique.  It’s really cool inside with comfortable seats, a saddle and a big sofa in the back. 


The bus has different horn sounds like a horse whinney, a construction style whistle and a quack.  He drove and talked about the history of Denver and Colorado, crime and ghosts.  We drove by lots of locations like City Hall, Brown palace, Botanical Gardens, Grant/Humphreys mansion, Cultural Center and the US Mint.  It was a really good tour.  He didn’t use the horn sounds enough though.

Ivan drove us back to the house.  I wasn’t feeling too well.  My headache wouldn’t go away.  Ivan was a bit tired as well.

We chilled at the house.  Finally, we decided to get some food.  It was almost 9 pm.  Since it was Sunday, everything seems to close early.  We didn’t feel like driving downtown for dinner.  Travis gave us a couple of suggestions. 

We drove to the sushi restaurant he recommended, but it was closed.  There was an Il Fornaio restaurant but that was closed as well.  Ivan was searching in the GPS unit to find something.  We decided to try Olive Garden.  It had the number in the GPS unit.  So, Ivan called and they were open until 10 pm. 

Ivan drove us to Olive Garden.  It was Ivan’s first trip to Olive Garden.

We got two main dishes.  First, I got a salad and Ivan got the chicken and gnocchi soup.  We shared the Venetian Apricot Chicken with vegetables and the Chicken Marsala with Tuscan potatoes.  The Chicken Marsala was delicious. 

We went back to the house.  We talked to Travis and his roommate for awhile.  Then, we used the internet for a short while.



Ivan and I checked out of the motel on April 3, 2010.  I started driving at 11:25 am.  Ivan got a call while we driving.  He left his laptop cord in the room in Lamar.  The owner (the husband) said that he could mail it to us.  Ivan said he would call back when we have an address in Breckenridge.

We stopped at 1:15 pm at a McDonald’s.  We had a bathroom break and used the free wi-fi.

Ivan started driving about 2:40 pm.  We arrived at the couchsurfer’s house in Denver, Colorado at 3:08 pm.

We met Travis, the couchsurfer we’d be staying with for two nights.  He’s a friendly guy who lives to ride motorcycles.  He has a huge map of the USA.  It has little flags on it.  The flags have a name of where the couchsurfers who stayed with him are from.

We drove downtown and walked around 16th Street mall.  Ivan needed a new jacket.  We checked out souvenirs shops, Ross and TJ Maxx.  Ivan finally found a Coloardo sweatshirt in a souvenir shop.  I bought a few postcards.

We jumped on the free mall shuttle further down the street.  We went inside Wynkoop Brewing Co.  They brew their own beers.  Ivan and I had a glass of Wix a weiss beer.  It has bananas in it. 


It’s very tasty!  Ivan read that being in a higher elevation makes you drunker faster. 

We walked to Vesta Dipping Grill for dinner.  Ivan set up a reservation for 9 pm.  We arrived at 8:30 pm.  We took a seat at the bar and ordered two drinks.  I had a Strawberry Basil drink and Ivan had a Mile High Sunset.

The restaurant offers dishes that each come with three dips (that you get to choose from a big list).  Ivan and I started off with Spanish Jalapeno Tuna which came with some tasty black pepper crackers.  We got two main courses: a curry smoked chicken and Moroccan spiced grilled salmon. 


The salmon and chicken tasted great with the sauces we picked.  I really liked the Korean Garlic BBQ and the Red Curry.  It was a very great meal.

We sent a text to Travis about bars.  He sent back a big list of recommendations.  We drove to Casselmans since the bar has live music.  It was about 10 pm and there was no music playing.  We were actually too late. 

We went to a Polish bar next.  But, the bar was packed with Polish people with Polish music playing.  We weren’t really sure about that.  So, we walked across the street to Under the Snug.  It’s an Irish bar.  The guy at the door said there was Irish music playing upstairs.  Ivan thought we should see something a bit different, so we left.

Ivan read about a nightclub called Church.  It was formerly a church.  The nightclub plays house music.  We went into line and noticed a lot of Mexican people and Latinos.  We both thought that something wasn’t right.  Ivan talked to the guy at the door.  He said it was Latin Night.  We started walking towards the car.  A guy said that there’s a place close by that plays house music.  He said it was called Vinyl and that DJ Rap would be performing there.  He gave us directions to the club. 

We walked a few blocks to Vinyl.  The cover was $15 per person.  There’s three different rooms: house/techno, 90’s music and hip hop.  We went to the coat room so we wouldn’t have to hold our coats all night.  The 90’s music room was actually playing current music.

I was walking and this short, black guy dressed in all white said Hey.  I said Hi back.  Then, he tried to grab my hand.  I was thinking what is this guy thinking.  I put my hands up and said I was good and walked away.  He rushed off. 

The house/techno room had a DJ on that kept playing the same beat over and over.  DJ Rap would probably be on soon.

We checked out the hip hop room which was crowded.  But, we don’t like hip hop so we went back to the house/techno room.

Ivan found out about the roof.  There’s music playing there as well.  It was current music like dance, pop and hip hop.  There was a group of people in a big circle and people would individually dance in the middle.  Ivan liked the guy with the fake fro.  There was a girl who danced good and she had moves like a gymnast.

We went back to the house/techno room.  DJ Rap was on.  She’s a pretty lady.  She played a bit too much generic trance for us.  I like to get lost in the music and dance.  I think that only happened once or twice when DJ Rap was on.  It was still decent music, just not the best DJ we’ve heard before.

We left around 1:40 am.  We drove back to Travis’ house.  We thought everybody would be asleep.  Travis’ roommate was there with a few friends.  We chatted with them for awhile.  Then, we decided to call it a night.


Dodge City and Lamar

Ivan and I packed everything up on April 2, 2010.  We said goodbye and thanks to Ryan.  Ryan’s a friendly guy, but kind of quiet.

I started driving around 11:30 am.  We saw more religious signs again.  It was a warm day with blue skies. 

We listened to lots of music during the trip – Animals and Wish You Were Here albums by Pink Floyd, The Streets, Madness, The Beatles, Bjork and Smashing Pumpkins.

As a child, my family took lots of road trips and we loved to listen to music.  I remember when there was 8 tracks and audio tapes.  My mom loved The Beatles.  We listened to many songs like Olivia Newton- John, and movie/tv theme songs.  So, as we travel around the USA listening to The Beatles, I’m reminded of the road trips with my family.  It makes me think of Stuckey’s, trips to Disneyland and begging my dad to stop at In N’ Out Burger since we didn’t have one in Las Vegas.

We stopped at Dodge City. 


There’s a place called Boot Hill that has a museum.  During the summer time, they have gun fights and have a can can show.  We wish we could have seen that.  We’ll have to visit again sometime.

We went to Casey’s Cowtown for lunch.  Ivan and I shared the special which was a salmon with mustard sauce and a Santa Fe Chicken.  The food was really good.

We walked around Dodge City, but there’s not much there.

We started driving again.  I heard a rock hit the window but didn’t think anything of it – since it happens every now and then. 

We stopped in Garden City.  Ivan noticed that there was a crack in the windshield.  We thought that we should have it checked out in Denver (which would be in a 2 days).  I told Ivan to mark the end of the crack with a Sharpie.  We noticed that the crack was spreading. 

We stopped at a McDonald’s to use the free wi-fi.  Ivan looked up a place that repairs windshields.  We stopped at that place, but it was almost closing time.  The guy who worked there said that he didn’t have time to do it, but he recommended a place close that could do it.

So, we drove to Diamond C.  The guy said he could fix it in about 45 minutes to an hour.  It took him about 40 minutes to complete it.  It cost $65.  We were so relieved to get it fixed.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a Sunday when a lot businesses are closed in these small towns.


We were back on the road and crossed into Colorado.  The time went back an hour since Colorado is in Mountain Standard Time zone. 

We made a stop at Wal-Mart.  We bought a few things.

I drove us to the motel.  We checked in to the Bruce Spruce Motel.  Ivan got some recommendations for bars and restaurants from the lady at the counter.  She owns the motel with her husband. 

We drove to the room.  It’s a nice room with a kitchenette and free wi-fi.  We chilled in the room for an hour.

We drove to one of the recommended restaurants.  We had dinner at Thai Spicy Basil Asian Grill.  We had nice shrimp shumai and a tom yum gai to start off with. Then, we shared a good green curry dish. 

Ivan and I checked out Desiree’s Nightclub.  But, there wasn’t much going on there.  The music playing was some kind of country.

Then, we drove to Opal’s Pub.  It wasn’t busy either.  So, we decided to head back to the motel.

We watched the movie Idiocracy and ate popcorn.  The movie was entertaining, but not the best movie I’ve seen.  Shortly after, we went to sleep.

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