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Ivan and I checked out of the Shack Up Inn at 12:30 pm on March 22, 2010. 


We walked around to see the shacks and took a few pictures.

We drove to the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale.  It’s owned by the actor Morgan Freeman. 


Ivan read that Morgan Freeman visits his blues club weekly with his wife.  Ivan and I shared the chicken salad.  Ivan had a tasty catfish sandwich while I had a chicken sandwich with grilled green peppers and onions.  The food was tasty.

Ivan started driving towards Tunica, Mississippi at 2:50 pm.   Tunica is a town filled with casinos.  There are different casinos like Harrah’s, Gold Strike, Sam’s Town and Fitzgerald’s.  We went inside the Gold Strike.  It’s just like any other casino we’ve seen in Las Vegas. 

Ivan started driving towards Memphis, Tennessee.  We arrived at 5:45 pm.

We walked around Beale Street.  We checked out souvenir shops and the menus of restaurants.


We decided to have dinner at King’s Palace Cafe.  Ivan and I shared the tasty crab cakes for a starter.  Then, we shared the Voodoo Chicken which is a chicken breast marinated in dark plantation rum and cajun spices.  The chicken breast had a great taste, but it was really small.  It came with a heaping cup of mashed potatoes.  We wished that it came with more chicken instead of the mashed potatoes.  Our waiter kept calling Ivan “Young Man”.  But, I asked him to bring hot sauce and he called me Ma’am.  I didn’t think that was right.  I should have called him Old Man.  There was a guy playing the guitar in the lounge.  He was just alright.

We went across the street to BB King’s.  It was a $3 cover per person to get in.  We got seats at the bar.  The BB King All-stars were starting to play.  A singer named Rodney Tate joined in to sing.  He had a great voice and he kept dancing around and clapping his hands.  Renaud (the French couchsurfer we met in Jackson) sent a text and said he was in a bar on Beale Street with another couchsurfer.  We were planning to meet them soon.

We went to the bar but we didn’t see Renaud there.  Ivan got a text a few minutes later that Gabe (the couchsurfer we would be staying with for 2 nights) was now at home. 

We drove to Gabe’s house.  It’s actually in a suburb of Memphis.  We arrived at his house.  We met Gabe.  We also met Trent, a guy from San Antonio, who would also be staying at Gabe’s.  We said hello to Renaud. 

We talked with everybody.  Gabe’s roommate Doug came home from work.  We chilled and chatted.  Everybody’s really funny and cool.

We used the internet for awhile and then went to sleep.



Ivan and I slept in on March 21, 2010.  We woke up at 11:30  am.

Carl wanted to take us to Lumpkin’s BBQ for lunch.  We drove about 20 minutes to get there from his apartment.


Lumpkin’s BBQ is a buffet.  There was lots of black people there who were dressed up.  Carl told us the night before that they would be dressed up because they had just come from church.

Ivan and I grabbed some food.  I had some grilled catfish, corn, chicken and corn bread.  The catfish was really good.

Carl makes a CD for practically all the couchsurfers that stay with him.  We forgot ours, so we headed back to his house.  We said good bye and thanks to Carl.  We s. aid good bye to Renaud and Whitley.  We would be seeing Renaud again on Monday since he’s staying with the same couchsurfer we’d be staying with in Memphis, Tennessee.  We had a great time staying with Carl.  He definitely knows how to show couchsurfers a good time in Jackson.

We listened to cool Carl’s CD in the car after transfering it to my iPod.  It has blues and r ‘n b on it.

I drove the whole way to Clarksdale, Mississippi.  It took 2 hours and 45 minutes without any stops.

We checked in at the Shack Up Inn.  They have farm shacks that have old style furniture and decorations inside.  We decided to take a room that’s built in the old cotton gin which they call Bins.  The friendly lady at the front desk told us that a Mexican restaurant and a Pizza place should be open for dinner.


We put our things down in the room.  It has a tv, fridge and a microwave in the room as well.

Ivan called the Pizza place and it was actually closing at 8 pm which was in 10 minutes.  Ivan found out that the Mexican restaurant was open until 10 pm.

Ivan drove to Atzimba Mexican Restaurant.  We got some guacamole.  We shared the chicken soup, chicken burrito and shrimps in a hot sauce.  The hot sauce wasn’t very hot at all.

We went back to the hotel.  We watched a few episodes of The Inbetweeners and then went to bed.

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