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Sleigh Ride

Ivan and I chilled in the house for a little whille on April 6, 2010.

We took the gondola in Breckenridge.  It took us to the base of the mountain. 

It was snowing.  We had a late lunch at Sevens.  Ivan and I shared the vegetable chili and chicken udon noodle bowl.  Ivan figured out that I had altitude sickness.  That’s why I had headaches and thought that everything was too bright.

We drove back into town.  We looked for gloves and souvenirs.  We found some gloves that would keep us warm, but they weren’t waterproof.  We bought two cupcakes at Rocky Mountain Cupcakes. We got a Strawberry cupcake for Ivan and me and Black and White for Jim.  The cupcakes are good, but are expensive at $3 each.

We drove to Frisco.  We were taking a dinner sleigh ride with TwoBelowZero.  We got into our sleigh.  It was cold and snowing outside.  Our guide was named Jason.  The mules who were pulling our sleigh were named Jan and Judy.   Our guide put a blanket on us to keep us warm. 


It took a few minutes to arrive at the tent.  Here, we would have dinner and see a show.

Ivan’s last name was listed on one of the tables.  We were seated with a family of 5 from Florida and a couple who lived in Colorado.  The table had water and hot chocolate.  A man from Nashville welcomed  us. We drank the tasty warm hot chocolate to warm our bones.  Then our guides served the adults peppermint schnapps.  It was like drinking a peppermint candy cane with alcohol added.

We got a chicken cheese enchilada soup for a starter.  It was so very tasty!

Our main dish was a double chicken for me and Ivan got a vegetarian lasagna.  I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t eat everything.  It did taste good though.

Our dessert came next.  It was apple crumble pie with whipped cream on top.  Ivan and I both took off the cream.  The apple crumble pie was delicious!


Our entertainment was the Nashville guy.  He sang many songs like Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond.  He was a good singer.

We had a great time on our first sleigh ride.  Everybody jumped back on the sleigh.  We were taken back to the main building.

Ivan and I drove back to the house.  We talked to Jim about our sleigh ride.  We gave him the cupcake and he said  thanks.  We watched tv with Jim for awhile.  Then, it was off to bed.



Ivan and I packed everything up on April 5, 2010.  Travis wasn’t home.  So, we left a note for him saying thank you and goodbye. 

Ivan drove us to the Red Rocks Grill for lunch.  Ivan had a veggie melt while I had two hard and two soft chicken tacos.  I had a sore throat so it hurt to swallow.  I was eating, but very slowly. 

We went to Red Rocks Amphitheater


It’s a big outdoor theater.  Many bands and singers have performed there like Abba, Chemical Brothers, The Beatles and Bjork.  It’s really beautiful up there with all the red rocks.

My eyes hurt and everything was really bright.  I covered my face and slept during the drive to Breckenridge. 

Ivan parked on Main Street in Breckenridge.  He walked around while I chilled in the car.  I still wasn’t feeling good.

Ivan drove to the couchsurfer’s house we’d be staying at for two nights.  We met Jim who has a beautiful 4 bedroom house.  His wife was out of town.  We met his puppy Labrador Lamar.  He’s so cute. Ivan noticed the Wurlitzer.  It’s an original Wulitzer jukebox that has the original old records.  Jim played a couple songs on it for us.

We chilled at the house for awhile.

We drove to find some dinner.  We went to Downstairs at Eric’s.  Ivan and I shared the apple curry chicken soup which was real tasty.  My throat still hurt so it was little painful to eat.  We got a Thai salad and a pizza with garlic wheat crust with chicken, red onions and crushed garlic.  We didn’t touch the salad and decided to save that for lunch tomorrow.  The pizza was fantastic!  We really loved the taste of the wheat crust.

We went back to the house.  We watched the move The Invention of Lying which is a really good movie.

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