We’re Ivan and Jennifer, a couple who loves to travel.  Follow us on our road trip through America.  We want to stay with as many couchsurfers as possible.  We have a GPS, a great book called Road Trip USA and tips from great sites like Roadside America to help us out.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see unique things around America and meet some interesting people.

Read about our ’round the world trip at Monkeying Around the World.

Jennifer has lived in Las Vegas for most of her life. She’s a small Filipino woman who enjoys anime, manga, reading, the internet, cartoons, digitial photography and music. She doesn’t take life too seriously. She loves to laugh and make jokes. She hasn’t traveled much before. She is looking forward to the backpacking trip. Jennifer hopes it will be a great learning experience. She would love to become an anime voice actress someday.

Ivan is a man from England. He has many talents such as performing hypnosis, playing the piano and doing magic tricks. He loves theatre, meeting new people, food, movies and music. Ivan is very spontaneous. He’s had tons of adventures backpacking around the world. He hopes to have his own hypnosis show in the future.


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