Ski Lesson

Ivan and I woke up around 8 am.  Ivan went to get the free breakfast.  He brought me some food.  I didn’t feel like getting out of bed to get some – I’m definitely not a morning person.  I hypnotized myself so that I wouldn’t be affected by the altitude sickness.

Ivan drove us to the Village at Winter Park Resort.  We walked to the Ski School.  We printed out our vouchers.

We needed to rent clothes.  So, we went to the shop there.  Ivan got  a jacket and pants.  I just needed pants.  We rented them and then went back to the Ski School.  We got our boots, skis and poles.

We went outside at 9:30 am for our ski lesson.  I used to ski years ago.  I wasn’t that good, but able to go down the hills.  There was 7 people in our group.  Our guide Bruce was teaching us how to ski.  At first we were on the hills that weren’t that steep.

We moved to another area where you can take a magic carpet up to get to the top.  The magic carpet is like a moving escalator.  Our teacher was teaching us how to turn.


I was doing alright turning and going zig zag down the hill.  I started doing the wedge (snow plowing) and the teacher said it’s fine that I’m  doing that.  You’re just anxious he said, but we don’t teach that – instead we teach you to turn.  Ivan was doing alright.

We went up the Gemini ski lift.  At one point, I started going really fast and fell flat on my face.  I started crying and said I didn’t want to do it anymore.  My ankles and feet hurt.  It took me forever to put my boots back on. 

We came down the mountain and I was way too tired.  So, I sat down on the bench while the rest of the group went back up.  Everybody came down.

We had to go down another hill to head back for lunch.  I thought I could make it down.  It was a little steep.  I wanted to turn, but my ankles hurt so much.  The ski instructor wanted me to grab on to the poles and he would help me down.  But, I thought I could just ski down.  So, I kept skiing down and then snow plowing so I would stop.  Ivan suggested that I walk down.  I thought that might be embarrassing.  But, after awhile my ankles and thighs hurt really bad – so I thought I should walk down.  I started walking down.  Ivan and Bruce skiied down.  Bruce, the ski instructor, took my poles down.  A few minutes later, a guy who carries people to the lift came.  I got on and he drove me down the hill.  Bruce had told the guy to retrieve me.  Ivan and Bruce were waiting for me at the bottom.  

I was so knackered.  We went to the food court for lunch.  Ivan and I each had a noodle bowl soup with chicken. 

I returned my ski equipment and the pants I rented. 

Ivan went out to finish his lesson.  He went on a higher ski run. 


It’s really beautiful up there.  I drove back to the hotel.  I used the internet and took a nap.  I wasn’t feeling so good.  I had a big headache.

I picked up Ivan from The Village at 4 pm.  He was so red since we forgot to put on suntan lotion.  He went on a really steep mountain and went down.  He definitely has learned to ski better.

We chilled in the hotel and used the internet.

Ivan and I decided to have sushi for dinner.  We went to The Sushi Bar.  We shared the spiked miso soup and glazed edamame for a starter.  Edamame always reminds me of my sister-in-law since she likes it.  The glazed edamame is covered in soy sauce and sesame seeds.  They were really messy to eat, but they tasted good.  We got two sushi rolls: The Hula and The Rainbow.  The sushi rolls were really big.  The sushi rolls were very original and tasted great.  We really love eating sushi! 

We went back to the hotel.  We were so tired.  We watched an episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em and then went to sleep early.

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