Ivan and I started driving at 11:30 am on April 11, 2010. We drove to Grand Junction, Colorado for lunch.  We had lunch at the Main Street Cafe.  Ivan and I each had a tasty tuna sandwich on wheat bread.  Ivan had a vegetable chili and I had a salad.  The food was good.

We started driving again at 1:30 pm.  I worked on the blog while Ivan drove. 

We listened to music on my iPod like Fiona Apple, Moby, Jay-Z and Queen.

We took the Scenic Byway on Highway 6 which took us through the ghost town of Cisco.  Then, we went on the Highway 125 through a beautiful canyon. 


We checked in to the River Canyon Lodge in Moab, Utah at 4 pm.  The weather was quite warm at 76° F.

We chilled in the room for awhile.

We walked to Main Street for dinner.  We checked out a few menus.  Most restaurants in Moab are a little pricey.  We decided to go to Miguel’s Baja Grill.

Ivan had the tasty chicken fajita.  I had the M.O.A.B. with chicken which stands for Mother of All Burritos.  It’s supposed to be really big, but it wasn’t really that big.  I finished all of the delicious burrito.  We each had a nice glass of Spanish red wine.

We walked back to the hotel.  We watched an episode of Spooks on the computer and then off to bed.

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