Mini ATV and Las Vegas

Ivan and I checked out of the Purple Sage Motel on 11:30 am on April 15, 2010.  Ivan wanted to rent an ATV.  So, we drove to Kanyon ATV.


Ivan rented a Rhino (2 seater 4X4) for half the day.  We were given a few trail maps.  We drove out towards Dixie National Forest.  It’s really pretty there. 


We drove through the forest.  Ivan loves to drive fast.  It was a bit bumpy, but lots of fun!  We were the only people riding out there.  It got muddy in some areas too.  I got to drive the Rhino.  It’s a little hard since I’m short.  But, I put my heavy jacket behind me so I could reach the pedals better.  I had so much fun driving. 

Video of me driving the Rhino:

Ivan was informed by the guy at Kanyon ATV that some people got stuck up a mountain.  We kept trying to go up a mountain, but we didn’t think that was the place where everybody got stuck.  Ivan spent probably 30 minutes trying to get up the snowy mountain.  It seems we kept getting stuck in a wedge.  After trying several times, we gave up.


It’s great fun riding mini ATVs in the desert.  We want to come back some time in the near future.  Hopefully, they’ll be a lot more people riding their ATVs next time.

I drove us towards Las Vegas.  It took us 3 hours to arrive.  Ivan booked the Imperial Palace for the night.

I pulled into Valet.  Ivan got out with his backpacks since there was a line for Valet.  He started headed towards the entrance.  The Valet guy approached me and asked if I was a guest.  I said yes.  He wanted to see my room key.  I said I’m checking in.  He said give me your confirmation number.  We never write down our confirmation numbers because they can always look you up by name.  I pointed at Ivan and said We’re checking im, he has bags.  Jeez, I was going to give this dude a piece of my mind if he didn’t let me park.  I was going to say to him, I drove 3 hours from Panguitch, Utah and I can’t even park at Valet because I don’t have a confirmation number.  Give me a break!

We chilled in the room.

We walked to the Paris.  We were going to see the Anthony Cools hypnosis show.  I was so hungry at this point.  We got crepes for dinner.  I had mushrooms with cheese and Ivan got a dessert berry crepe.

We sat down at Anthony Cools show.  Ivan went up to get hypnotized. Anthony picked him and he was part of the show.  It was hilarious because every time the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash was played, Ivan thought that his ass was on fire.  So, he was rubbing his bottom (butt) all across the floor.  It was a very funny show.

We walked around the Strip.  We checked out Aria and Crystals at the City Center.  We didn’t really see anything new.  The casino there is still dark and uninviting. 

Ivan and I went back to the hotel and got some much needed rest. 

It seems that almost every city or town, you’ll see the same places like Denny’s, McDonald’s, Burger King and Auto Zone.  On this road trip, we’ve tried to see unique things.  It’s great to see the museums, but we usually tire of that.  So, we visit places that are cool and a bit different.  It’s great to explore the city to see what you can find.  Visitors Centers are great to get brochures on cities you’ll are visiting.  It’s been a great road trip.  I think one of the best part has been the couchsurfers.  They have showed us great attractions and fun times.  It’s amazing to see that kindness still exists in people.  I’m so glad I got to meet up with my friend Roscoe.  It was great to finally meet my online friend after all these years.  He was so sweet to us in San Antonio.  

Thanks so much for reading our road trip blog!  I hope you enjoyed it.  We had an awesome time!

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