Horse Ride and Panguitch

Ivan and I started headed towards Panguitch, Utah at 10:45 am on April 14, 2010.  We were going on Highway 12 with beautiful views.  Ivan kept stopping every few minutes to take pictures. 

We drove to Escalante Staircase – stopping at Kiva Coffeehouse.  Ivan had a tasty egg salad sandwich with soup.  I had a Southwestern Huevos Rancheros.  They didn’t tell me that the tortillas weren’t available.  We found out when we got the bill since they didn’t charge us for it.  It was a good meal.

We drove to Bryce Canyon National Park.  We were taking a horse ride with Canyon Trail Rides.  It was $25 entrance fee for the park.  Canyon Trail Rides failed to mention this when Ivan booked the horse ride.

Ivan and I got two horses that were friends.  I had a hairy horse named Newt who looked like a llama. 


Ivan’s horse was named Rob.

It’s really scary going down into Bryce Canyon.  The horses seem to go near the edge and you think you could fall at any moment.  The views of the canyon are just gorgeous.  Wow, it’s really amazing! 


We were in a group of 9 people.  My horse was going really slow.  I think Newt was kind of old because he had gray hair.  In the middle of the ride, he started going faster.  I think he might have taken an energy drink when I wasn’t looking.  The 2 hour horse ride was lots of fun.  I can’t believe there’s still snow up there.  I guess it’s not hot enough to melt it all.

Here’s a video I made while on the horse in Bryce Canyon:

We started driving towards Panguitch City. 

We checked in to the Purple Sage Motel in Panguitch.  It’s #1 on Tripadvisor.  The lady at the front desk was a little weird and wasn’t too friendly.  The room was nice and it smelled good.

We chilled in the hotel for awhile.

We went to dinner at Cowboy’s Smokehouse Cafe.  Our waitress was very friendly.  Ivan and I got smoked trout with crackers and a spicy spread for a starter.  Then, we had a nice 1/2 chicken dinner with their homemade spicy bbq sauce.  For dessert, we got the delicious apple cobbler.

We walked around town to get some exercise.  Then, we arrived back to the hotel.  We watched an episode of Spooks before sleepy time.

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