Glenwood Caverns

On April 10, 2010, Ivan and I went to lunch at 11 am.  We went to Daily Bread.  Ivan had a good grilled chicken sandwich.  I had a French Dip which was only okay.  The roast beef was a bit dark and didn’t taste very good.

We drove to the bottom of the cable cars for Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  We went on a cable car and it took us up to the park.  It turns out a lot of things were closed like the big swing, maze, and mechanical bull. 

We arrived at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Parks.  There wasn’t that many people there.  I checked out the gift shop.  I found some souvenirs that I could get for my nieces and nephews.

We went on the 1:30 pm cave tour.  Our guide was a lady named Mary.  She took us down to the first cave.  When it was first discovered, the people would go down in their Sunday best through a hole and climb down.  Good thing we didn’t have to do that!  We entered through a door.  The cave was alright inside.  There was only small stalactites growing.  During World War I, the cave was shut down.  But, it wasn’t closed off.  People took formations and a lot of air got inside. 

Ivan was in charge of closing the doors.  It’s essential to keep out air so that the cave can grow.  We came to a door that took us outside.  There was a beautiful view of the town and the mountains.


We walked back through the cave to the entrance.  A long time ago, a man was allowed to explore the cave with permission from the owners.  He discovered a new cave below.  He didn’t tell the owners.  He did offer to buy it from them and they agreed.

We went to the lower cave. It was beautiful down there.  There’s lots of stalagmites and stalactites. 


There were a few formations and things that look like bacon on the wall.  The best part was a room at the bottom. 


It had many formations and stalactites.  We walked back up.  We saw the heart of the cave which actually looks like a human heart. 

Next, we went on the flying coaster.  We each had our own cart.  You get to control how fast you go.  It’s a lot of fun! 

Next, we checked out the laser tag.  It’s a lot of fun running around and shooting people.  We jumped in a game that was already  in play, so we only played for 2 minutes.  We started another game.  There’s lots of places to hide behind walls or a bar area.   

I was a bit hot from the laser tag since I played with my coat on.  We decided to check out the 4D theatre.  We saw the mine ride.  It’s cool in the 4D theatre since air and water are blown in your face and the seats move and vibrate.  We stayed in the theatre to watch a story about turtles.  Then, we watched snow ride.  It takes you on a ride through the snow.

We stopped at the restaurant to have some hot tea.  Ivan had Englsh Breakfast and I had Cinammon Apple Spice.

We went on the flying coaster.  We thought it would be cool to ride on one cart together. 


We were told that it goes faster with two people.  It was really fast.  Ivan drove and I enjoyed the ride.  We liked it so much, we went on it again!  This time I took a video. 

Check out the flying coaster:

I bought souvenirs in the store.  We drove back to the hotel and relaxed.

We drove to JH Chen Asian Bistro for dinner.  The restaurant serves Chinese and Japanese dishes.  Ivan and I started off with a great vegetable tofu soup.  Then, we shared the Singapore rice noodles with chicken and eggplant with shrimp and chicken.  The eggplant dish was delicious!  

We walked to the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co.  We each had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  I noticed the San Antonio Spurs were playing the Denver Nuggets on the tv.  It made me think of my friend Roscoe.  We chatted for awhile and then drove back to the hotel.

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2 thoughts on “Glenwood Caverns

  1. Hello Yall!!! I couldnt help but notice at the light yall didnt wait for it to change green!!! Next time yall come back to visit just tell the people at the tram base that Matt Colson said to give yall a free ride up!!!!

  2. Hey Matt!! Hahaha.. that was Ivan. I waited for it when I rode alone though! If we do go up, we’ll mention your name. Thanks! Were you the guy who was nice to us in the laser tag and theatre.. and took a picture of us?

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