Boulder, Utah

Ivan and I left the River Canyon Lodge at 11 am on April 13, 2010. 

We drove to Arches National Park.  We love the drive through this awesome national park.  At first the weather looked nice.  But, then it started sprinkling and then it stopped.  Then, it was sunny and then back to overcast.


We went to the Garden of Eden and took more pictures.  We love the gorgeous views!

We started driving towards Boulder, Utah at 12 pm. 

We stopped at Tamarisk Restaurant in Green River, Utah.  Ivan and I each had a lovely grilled chicken sandwich.  We had one trip to go to the salad bar.  The salad was really good too.

I started driving at 1:45 pm.  We drove through Highway 24 which has beautiful red rocks and mountains.  Then, we connected to the Highway 12 where it goes up to 9500 feet.  It was snowing up there.  The temperature was 36° F.

We checked in to Pole’s Place.  Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have internet access.  We put our backpacks in the room.

We drove down the street to a restaurant that has wi-fi.  We used it for awhile.  Then, we went back to the hotel to take showers.

Ivan drove us to Hell’s Backbone Grill.  Ivan read lots of good things about this place. 


We order a few small plates: Backbone organic salad with trout, goat cheese fondue with crackers, pesto farfalle pasta and pumpkin & apple soup.  The soup could have been a little hotter.  The fondue was delicious.  I wish we got two portions of it!  The pesto pasta was cold and tasted great.  The organic salad was rather plain and barely came with any trout.  We had a tasty meal here.

We went back to the hotel.  The internet at the hotel is really buggy.  Ivan had to ask the front desk if they could re-set the router.  It kept giving saying Limited or No Connectivity. 

We watched a few episode of the great show Spooks and then off to sleep.

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