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Ivan and I said goodbye and thanks to Jim on April 7, 2010.  We said goodbye to Lamar.

We left the house about 11:30 am.  We drove to downtown.  Ivan went to the post office.  He had to pick up his package.  He lost his laptop cord and the owner in Lamar sent it to him. 

We had lunch at Subway.

Ivan started driving to Winter Park, Colorado. 


It was really beautiful views while driving.  We arrived there at 1:30 pm.  I didn’t want the altitude sickness to affect me.  I hypnotized myself so I wouldn’t feel sick from the elevation.  A little while later, I did feel better.

Ivan wanted to go tubing.  But, it was only 6 seconds down the hill and then 5 minutes up the escalator.  It wasn’t really worth it for $16 an hour.

Ivan thought we should book snowmobiling instead.  He called a place and booked it for 3:30 pm.

We went to the Village located in the Winter Park Resort.  It’s free parking for short term parking which is 45 minutes or less.  We went to Back Bowl Soup.  Ivan and I shared the cheese and broccoli soup.  The soup place only had two soups for the day.  That’s very strange since it’s a soup restaurant.

We drove to Grand Adventures.  We were going snowmobiling.  Ivan and I would be on one snowmobile.  We had to get our helmets first.  Then, it was time to get our boots and suit.

Then, we got on our snowmobiles.  The guide told us how to drive the snowmobile.  I was going to drive.  But, then the guide talked about how somebody crashed into one of the buildings when he revved to start going – it got me scared.  I crashed a motorbike in Bali last year, so now I get scared driving certain things that I could crash.  So, I told Ivan he could drive.  Ivan loves driving anything fast.

It was really beautiful going up the mountain in the snowmobile.  It was really cold.  We had on gloves but they’re not that thick.  Ivan’s hands got warmed up from the hand warmer on the handle bars and his feet were being warmed as well.  I was freezing. 

We got to the top of the mountain and it was snowing up there.  It was cold especially since it was a little windy as well.   It was a beautiful view up there.


I put my hands on the handlebar to try to warm them up.  I didn’t think it was warm.  Our guide said I could wear his spare gloves.  They were nice and warm since they were gloves meant for skiing.

Towards the end, we were driving through trees.  Ivan was going  slower since it was really close to the trees.  I would have been driving slow as well.  Ivan didn’t want to run into a branch or a tree.  We had a fun time snowmobiling.

Here’s a video of us snowmobiling – turn down the sound, it doesn’t sound that good:

We started driving towards the couchsurfer’s apartment.  Jeff gave us the address and the number to his roommate.  He would be busy all day, but his roommate would be home.  We couldn’t find the address he gave us.  We drove everywhere and asked people where if they knew where it was.  Ivan wrote a message to him.  We weren’t sure if he would get it, since he was out of his house. 

We decided to get some dinner.  We drove to Star of India.  We shared chicken tikka, chicken kedai and garlic naan.  It was really good food.

The couchsurfer Jeff didn’t respond to Ivan’s message.  Ivan booked the Beaver Village Lodge nearby online.

We drove to the Beaver Village Lodge.  The front desk was closed, so Ivan had to find the caretaker.  We got checked in.

We put our backpacks in the room.  We used the internet for a short while.  We put on our swimsuits and then went to the hot tub.  I was so glad that the hot tub was indoors.  It was really hot in there.  Somebody put bubble bath in the hot tub, so there was lots of big bubbles on the water.

We used the internet for awhile.  We watched something on the laptop Then, we decided we should sleep since we had to wake up early tomorrow morning.

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