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Key West

Ivan and I had breakfast in bed again on March 9, 2010.  We had to turn our clocks forward one hour last night.  We arrived in Key West, Florida at 9:30 am.  We discovered that there was free wi-fi available from the Hyatt. 

We got off the cruise ship and walked around Key West.  I saw a Free Bar Tasting sign at Peppers of Key West.  It’s a shop that sells hot sauces and marinades.  We got to sample a couple different sauces.  Ivan bought the Key West is Goin’ Bananas Hot Sauce.  It was really tasty and not too spicy. 

We had lunch at Fogarty’s.  Ivan and I shared the Conch Fritters and a dolphin sandwich (it was actually a white fish and NOT dolphin). 

We got a slice of key lime pie at Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe.  We used their free wi-fi there right next to the koi pond in the back.  We ate the key lime pie.  It was good.  That was my first slice of key lime pie.

We walked around some more.  Ivan bought me a skirt and a pair of Key West shorts for $5 each.  We saw a few different statues around Key West. 


We went back on the cruise ship at 4:15 pm. 

We put on our bathing suits and went to the jacuzzi.  Then, we went to the sushi bar and had a few rolls of sushi. 

We rested in the room for a bit.  We went to the gym to work out.

We went to the Motown show.  It was alright.  A guy brought up people to sing songs with him. 

We went to the Renoir restaurant for dinner.  Ivan asked earlier to be assigned to a new table since we wanted to meet new people.  The maitr’d wasn’t very happy about this.  He said once you’re assigned a table, that will be your table the rest of the time. We’re not sure why somebody told Ivan otherwise. 

We were taken to a table for six.  A few minutes later, we met two nice ladies.  Bonnie is from Chicago and Christine is from Washington D.C.  They’re both very friendly.  We chatted with them a lot.  They told us that the other two girls probably wouldn’t be coming.  They said that both of those girls are cruise veterans.  Bonnie talked to Christian (one of the entertainment hosts on the cruise ship) about Megan Ham.  She was the one mentioned on the announcement that woke us up four times on our first morning of the cruise.  Bonnie said that she is a 20 year old woman.  It was her mother who freaked out when she didn’t see Megan in the cruise ship.  So, she told somebody to announce it, so she would come back.  I guess she was worried that she was lost or in trouble.  Ivan thought that it was a small child that was lost, but that wasn’t the case.

Ivan and I shared the Study of Sushi which came with a few sushi items.  We also shared a tasty black bean soup.  We shared two tasty main courses: chicken sicilian style with eggplant and mushrooms and a salmon dish.  For dessert, we shared the warm chocolate melting cake.


The waiters started dancing to Jai Ho.  Some of the waiters were dancing on the tables.  It was pretty cool.  A few guests joined in.

We went to check out mardi gras party, but it was cheesy. They have different events for your team.  Teams are divided up with the different floors.  I think we’re the Red Team, but Ivan thinks we’re the Blue Team.  There were different events like karaoke and dancing.  The teams were awarded points for doing good.  We really don’t care about the points at all.  I’m not sure if the teams win anything at the end.  Some people are way into it, they were actually wearing their team colors like our Fun Times newsletters suggested.  We decided to go to bed since we would be waking up early.


Hairy Chests, Wine and Comedy

Ivan and I woke up around 10 am on March 8, 2010.  We were woken from an announcement in our rooms.  Most of the announcements are outside the cabin.  But, important ones are made in the room.  This was about a girl name Megan Ham.  It seems like she was missing.  There was four announcements about this.  We weren’t sure who was Megan Ham.  But, we were angry for being woken up four times in the early morning.  Our breakfast came from room service.  It was really good again. 

We had lunch at Sur Mur.  It’s a place that serves seafood.  We had ceviche, ahi tuna and a good soup that contained mussels, shrimp and fish.

The cruise ship has a Fun Times newsletter for each day that has all the events on the cruise ship.  It also has what kind of music is being played and the hours of the restaurants.  So, we had a lot of things marked in our newsletter that we would try to check out.

We went to the Cooking Demo at The Point Steakhouse.  But, unfortunately it was crowded and we couldn’t hear the chef very well.

We walked around the boat.  There are lots of events during the day.  Most of them are free, but sometimes a few events charge a fee.

Ivan and I got some seats in front of the Mixology contest that was already going on.  Three people got to create their drink.  A guy named Dan Little won and his drink would be featured as one of the drinks that you can buy on the cruise. 

We stayed in our chairs.  It was time for the Hairy Chest Contest.  10 men entered this contest.  First, they had to come down the stairs and dance around with no shirt on. 


It was really funny.  One of the guys slid down the stair banister.. and then he started doing the worm on the floor.  He had a huge belly but not much chest hair.  He started dancing with his shirt between his legs.  There were three women judges.  It was their job to eliminate four of them. 

Then, the guys had to dance sexy to music.  The guy who did the worm earlier did the shirt between his legs again.  The women had to eliminate three more people.  I’m not sure why but they eliminated two guys (including the worm guy). 

The last part was when the guys yelled out like Tarzan.  The audience got to pick the winner.  This old man won – he had an Army hat on.  Ivan thinks that they picked him since he was in the Army.  He actually did yell pretty good – similar to what Tarzan sounds like.

Next, Ivan and I went to Time for Fine Wine.  It’s a paid event at The Point Steakhouse.  It was $10 per person.  It’s a wine tasting with cheese, salmon, beef and fruits. 


The lady who ran the  wine tasting was very knowledgeable about wines.  She really knew her stuff.  She’s a sommelier so she should!  Most of the wines were good.  The lady told us to eat certain foods with a certain wine. 

We went to the Live Champagne Art Auction.  We grabbed a glass of champagne and sat down.  The auction was already going on.  It was our first art auction.  The company Park West was auctioning off a lot of different art pieces.  Ivan read about this company online.  It’s a scam so it was just humorous watching it.  We only stayed a couple minutes because we had another event to go to.

It was time for the Tea Party.  Ivan got Darjeeling and I had Orange tea.  Ivan and I shared the peach crumble.  We each had a salmon sandwich. 

We relaxed in the room for awhile. 

We went to the gym to work out.  We want to work out every day. That will allow us to eat that the tasty warm chocolate melting cake. 

Ivan set up dinner for the 8:15 pm time. 

We both got ready for the Elegant Evening.  The boat has two nights of Elegant Evening.  Not everybody participates but we wanted to.  Two of the restaurants require you to dress up nice on the Elegant Evenings.  This means no jeans, shorts, swim wear, flip-flops, and men’s sleeveless shirts.  Ivan thought he would be underdressed in his nice shirt and tie.  But, there was only a few people actually wearing tuxedos.            

We had dinner at Renoir restaurant.  We were seated with an older couple who lived near Lafayette, Louisiana.  We shared the strawberry bisque and the pumpkin soup.  The bisque just tasted like a strawberry yogurt.  Our main courses were the perch and lobster tail with grilled shrimp.  The perch was very tasteless.  So, Ivan decided to order the chicken breast dish.  The chicken breast tasted good but needed a sauce with it.  For dessert, we had the heavenly Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. 


The waiters sang a song for us.  The couple we ate with said they usually dance on the tables and dance around.  We hoped we would see it another night.

We sat at Blues which has a piano bar inside.  We sat in there for a few minutes during the sing a long.

It was time for the comedy show.  It featured Marc Rubbin, the ventriloquist.  It was an adult show.  He had four different dummies like a swami and a redneck.  He was funny for awhile then it wasn’t as funny.  There was a drunk guy at the next table who kept yelling  things.  He wasn’t saying anything funny at all. 

After the show, we walked to Henri’s.  It was way too cold in there.  So, we left.  There wasn’t really anything going on.  So, we decided to call it a night.


Off on the Cruise

Ivan and I woke up at 7:30 am on March 7, 2010.  We packed everything up.  Scott wanted us to wake up to say goodbye.  But, we looked to see if he was on the couch but it looked like somebody else.  I don’t like waking people up anyway. We wrote to Scott and Ryan saying thank you and goodbye.

Ivan started driving to Galveston at 8:40 am.  We had to wait for the ferry to go across.  We arrived in the parking lot around 1 pm.  Soon, we’d be off on a cruise for 7 days.  (It’s a sidetrip from our road trip of America)  There’s parking for 7 days for $50 if you book it online.  Otherwise, it’s $55 if you pay for it the same day. 

We got on the shuttle bus to the Carnival Conquest boat.  The porter take your bags.  You just tip then and they take your bags to your room.   We had to wait in line to check in.  It took about 2 hours.  We got the keys.  We dropped things off to the room.  We went to eat at the buffet at 3:15 pm.  The tilapia was really good. 

We went back to the room to wait for the bags.  It takes awhile for the bags to arrive since they come piece by piece. 

Ivan and I checked out the boat.  We saw bars, lounges and restaurants.  It’s a huge boat with 12 floors. 

We thought it was a little dizzying looking out our window and seeing the ocean go by. 

We came back to our room and it was clean.  There was also a animal made out of a towel on our bed. 


Ivan had read about this online. 

We didn’t get an assigned time for eating.  So, we saw a long line of people at Renoir.  People were trying to get a table.  Ivan thought we’d checked out Monet.  We got a table there at 8:15 pm. 

We started off with a tasty cream of tomato soup and a gazpacho.  We shared two main courses of mahi mahi and a chicken dish with penne pasta.  The mahi mahi wasn’t very flavorful.  The chicken went perfectly with the pasta.  


Ivan read on the internet about the cult classic favorite dessert the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  It’s so heavenly!  The ice cream that comes with it isn’t much though. 

We went to see the Welcome Aboard show.  There was lots of dancing. The cruise director Chris is English.  He was making fun of people that were on stage (for games) but nobody really got it except a few people.

We saw Marc Rubben, a ventriloquist.  He was alright. 

Next, we joined the Around the World Tour at 11 pm.  Three guides took us to a couple bars and lounges.  We ended up singing Summer Nights from Grease at the karaoke bar.  It was guys and girls singing – each side with one microphone.  Our last stop was Henri’s Disco.  It’s the nightclub. 

There was a musical chairs game.  Eight guys volunteered and they were the chairs.  Ivan volunteered for it.  So, the guys went on all fours and the girls would sit on their backs.  I was eliminated the first round. 


Ivan was the last guy.  I guess he won something.. but he didn’t collect it.  Here’s the video of Ivan in the musical chairs contest:

We started dancing in Henri’s for awhile.  It was pop music playing.

We walked around the boat.  Ivan wanted to go into the jacuzzi.  But, I didn’t have my swim suit with me.  We went back to Henri’s.  The music was hip hop which we don’t like – so we headed back to the room.

Ivan wanted to get some room service.  I still can’t believe it’s free.  Almost all food on board is free.  We saw a coffee shop that charges for coffee and pastries.  I guess it’s independent.  It’s just silly to pay when you can go to the buffet and get desserts, coffee and pastries for free.  We got a chicken fajita sandwich and an open faced shrimp sandwich.  It was really good!

We were so tired and went to sleep. 


Music Festival

Ivan went to lunch at Dreyer’s with Scott and his friends on March 6, 2010.  He told me that I could sleep more and he would bring me some food.  He brought me back yummy catfish with yams and an egg salad.

We went to the Geronimo Festival with Scott, Ryan and their friends.  It’s a music festival filled mostly of local bands.  The entrance is $15 per person.

We saw The Scoundrels.  They’re a band from London.  One of Scott’s friends knows the band.  They were good.

We got a chicken gyro sandwich from the deli nearby.

We went to Blue Moon.  We saw a popular local band called The Givers there.  It was freaking packed in the venue.   Ivan and I sat high on our chairs and had a good view.  They’re folk rock.  I can’t believe how the band is so energetic. 


The music is very unique and fun.  Many people in the crowd jump up and down or just dance around.

We walked to Artmosphere.  There was a band playing there.  But, it wasn’t anything special.

We had dinner at The Filling Station.  Ivan and I shared a chicken salad stuffed in an avocado, a shrimp salad stuffed in an avocado, chicken tortilla soup and a chicken taco.  The chicken tortilla soup wasn’t very warm so the waitress got it re-heated.  But, it wasn’t hot only a little warm.  The avocados with the salads were really good.

We saw Ryan back at The Artmosphere.  We planned to meet them at Sadie’s downtown for the Fleur de Tease show.

We walked to Sadie’s.  It was crowded in there.  We were near the stage, but I couldn’t see since I’m so short.  It sucks being short and not being able to see at shows or concerts.  Fleur de Tease is a burlesque show from New Orleans.  It was alright.  We left since we wanted to go to bed early since we had an early start tomorrow.  We said good bye to Scott and left around 9:30 pm.

Ivan and I went back to the house and used the internet.  Then, it was time to sleep.


Pink Floyd and Hypnosis

Ivan and I left John and Becky’s house on March 5, 2010.  We went to their shop Pack and Paddle to say thank you and good bye, but they were busy.  So, we said we’d come back later.

Since we’d be heading on our cruise soon, we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy some things.  We stopped at Ross and Ivan bought some dress clothes.  There are two elegant nights on the cruise where everybody dresses up.  So, he bought some nice shirts and slacks.

We drove back to Pack and Paddle.  We said thank you and good bye to Becky.

Next, we drove to Scott’s house.  He’s the couchsurfer we were staying with for the next two days.  We also met his roommate Ryan.  They’re both attending college right now.  Scott asked if we wanted to go with them to the Filling Station.  They were meeting their friends there. 

Scott drove us to the Filling Station which was very close to his house.  It used to be a gas station.  They didn’t change it much so it still kind of looked like a gas station.  We met Scott’s friends.  We had a few cups of strong margaritas.  Ivan and I shared an avocado bowl which came with other vegetables. 

Scott drove us back to his place.  Ivan performed hypnosis on Ryan.  He was hypnotized, but for some reason hallucinations didn’t work on him.

Scott and Ryan walked us to Nite Town.  It’s only like 10 minutes away.  We were going to see Bricks in the Wall – The Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd.  We said bye to Scott and Ryan.

We got some good flat bread sandwiches at Subway. 

The show was supposed to start at 9 pm and the doors would open at 8 pm.  But, they were running behind – so we got in about 9 pm.  We found a table and sat down.  There was a dance floor and not many tables.  Ivan found out that the band would be on at 10 pm.  It was cold inside the bar. 

The band started about 10:15 pm.  Bricks in the Wall is an awesome tribute band.  There was also lights and lasers going on.  The wine was cheap there and tasted good.  It was only $3.50 per glass.  We enjoyed the show so much. 


The band played tons of songs like Pigs (Three Different Ones), Breathe, Mama, Sheep, The Great Gig in the Sky and all of Wish You Were Here.  The band was celebrating the 35th anniversary of the album Wish You Were Here.  The songs they played for the encore was Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell.  The show was almost 3 hours long.

We met up with Scott at the Green Room.  It was almost closing time.  Bars close at 2 am in Lafayette.  There was a guy on a microphone saying that the bar was closed and we had to leave the bar.  If you have a glass or glass bottle and you walk out the door, you’ll be arrested on the spot.  The bar provides plastic cups so you can put your drink in there. 

We left the bar.  The guy on the microphone was one of Scott’s friends named Josh.  The police blow their whistle and make people leave the bar after 2 am.  If you stay around the area, the police will blow their whistle and tell you to move along. 

Josh wanted Ivan to hypnotize him.  Scott told people to come to his house.  We walked there. 

Ivan hypnotized Josh.  It was really funny.  It went on for hours and everybody enjoyed it.


Cajun Swamp Birthday

Ivan and I woke up early on March 4, 2010.  It was my birthday. 

John cooked us eggs with toast.  It was good.  Ivan booked the Champagne’s swamp tour for 10 am this morning. 

We drove out towards Lake Martin.  It’s a 20 minute drive from Lafayette.  Bryan was our tour guide.  He had thick Louisiana accent, so it was hard to understand him sometimes.  There were 5 people and two monkeys (Lil Dave and Big Dave decided to join us!).  It was really beautiful out on the lake.  Bryan tried to explain the difference between a swamp, bayou and a lake.  But, somehow I still don’t know the difference! 


We saw lots of animals like alligators, nutria (water rats), egrets, a bald eagle, red hawk and turtles.  It was a great tour!


The French couchsurfers Cedric and Sophie were on a different tour.  Their tour guide spoke French.  We waited for their tour to finish.  We asked if they wanted to join us for lunch. 

Ivan thought we should check out Blue Dog Cafe.  Becky recommended it to us.  Ivan shared the tasty gumbo that came with oysters, shrimp and crab meat.  It was definitely better than the one we had the night before.  We also shared grilled catfish with crawfish etouffee on top with rice.  It was great food!  The artist George Rodrigue became famous for the blue dogs that he puts in paintings.  So, there’s so many paintings of the blue dogs in the restaurant. 

Next, we drove to Vermillion Ville.  It’s a Cajun and Creole Museum.  The French people bought their tickets first.  Since they were from France, they got a discount of $3 per ticket.  So, it was $5 per person.  The lady asked us if we were from France as well.  Ivan said that we were.  We got the discount as well.  The village shows how the Cajun/Creole people lived when they settled in Louisiana over 200 years ago.  Most of the houses are the original buildings.  I think the church was the only recreation.  One building had different displays like a tornado inside.  I saw a microscope that was handheld.  You could use it to look at feathers and leaves that were provided for you.  I stuck it on my face and it looked scaly.  We went to one building where a Creole man was.  He started talking and going off on a tangent. 


He played some cool songs on his fiddle for us.  We went to a few houses and a schoolhouse.  There’s a ferry where you have to pull it across the lake by hand.  It’s just a rope that’s attached to the other side.  It’s a cool living museum to check out.  The French couple decided to do more sightseeing.  We were going to head back to John and Becky’s place.

It was a nice, sunny day so Ivan wanted to get ice cream.  We stopped at the only Borden’s ice cream shop left in the USA.  We got a scoop of strawberry and chocolate.  I preferred the chocolate.  The ice cream is really cheap at $1.25 per scoop (in a cup).  It’s good ice cream!

Ivan drove us back to the house.  We chilled for awhile and used the internet.  Ivan decided that we should take a cruise.  We weren’t sure that we had time for it.  We’re actually going to be extending our road trip 2 more weeks.  Ivan booked a last minute cruise.  We’ll be going to Key West and The Bahamas.

We went to dinner with Cedric and Sophie.  We drove to Prejean’s.  Ivan and I shared the fried alligator.  Becky said we had to try it.  It was quite tasty!  Ivan had the the fried catfish.  I had the chicken pasta inez which is blackened chicken with penne pasta in a creole sauce.  The food was really good! 

I had an awesome birthday!  It was fun filled and we had really good Cajun food!



Ivan and I left Houston, Texas at 2 pm on March 3, 2010.  We were driving to Lafayette, Louisiana.  We arrived there at 5:10 pm.  The couchsurfers we were staying with weren’t home yet.  Becky did recommend CC’s Community Coffee.  We stopped there and got a cup of tea and a slice of banana bread.  We used the free wi-fi as well.

We drove to John and Becky’s house.  They’re a friendly couple.  A few minutes later, 2 French couchsurfers (a couple) arrived.  We said hi to the new couchsurfers Cedric and Sophie.  They’re French but they live in Germany.  They would be staying 2 nights also.  Since Ivan contacted Becky earlier on couchsurfing – we got the main room downstairs.  It’s a room with a comfy bed and it’s own bathroom attached to it.

Becky asked if we wanted to get dinner at a Cajun restaurant called Cafe Des Amis.  John had to go since he had a presentation to make for the Boy Scouts on backpacking.  We said we’d go.

We piled in the Becky’s car with Cedric, Sophie, John and Becky’s dog Boone.  There was a bluesy jazz band on called Chelsea Ellison Trio.


Ivan ordered us a bottle of Blue Moon Cabernet Sauvignon.  Ivan and I shared a cup of tasty gumbo. 


We also had fried catfish nuggets and a main dish of crawfish etouffee and fried shrimp.  Becky and Ivan sent back the main dish since the crawfish wasn’t very hot at all.  The food was average.  It was nice talking to Becky, Cedric and Sophie.  Cedric and Sophie are only in Louisiana for a week.  It’s weird but they haven’t made any plans for anything yet.  I think if I was going to a place for only a week, I would plan where I’d be staying and things to do.

Becky drove us back to the house.  John was back from his presentation.  He talked to the French couchsurfers about places to see in Louisiana. 

Everybody said good night and went to bed early.


Animal Safari and Houston

Ivan and I packed everything up on March 2, 2010.  Roscoe walked us to our car.  We said goodbye and thanks to Roscoe.  I gave him a big hug.  It was great meeting Roscoe and hanging out with him.  He’s a great guy. 

We started driving at 12:30 pm.  We were headed to a small town called Gruene (pronounced Green).  Ivan read about a good restaurant called Gristmill on Tripadvisor.  We got a seat located outside.  We had a view of the river below.  Ivan and I shared the award-winning tasty tortilla soup.  I was craving a hamburger since I haven’t had one in months.  Ivan and I share a lot of food so I’m vegetarian around him.  He does eat chicken breast and seafood though.  Ivan got the catfish while I got a hamburger.  The food was good!

We walked around the shops in Gruene.  It’s a small town. 


We went inside Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas.  Too bad we weren’t there at night, because that’s when they have live music.  

Ivan drove us to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.  It’s an African safari where you can drive through and feed the animals in your car.  It’s cool because some of the animals actually come to you and stick their head in the window of the car. 


We saw all kinds of animals like zebras, deer, donkeys and llamas. 


Ivan was feeding a zebra and the zebra grabbed his bag of animal food.  How funny!  The zebra could have taken off with it.  But, Ivan came out of the car and the zebra ran away.  Ivan got his bag back.  We went to the petting zoo.  We got to feed goats and baby goats there.  The will jump on you and run into you – so you have to be careful. 


Some of the goats kept chewing on Ivan’s jumper and the tassels on the jumper.  I’m not sure why though.

Ivan started driving to Houston at 4:30 pm.  We arrived at the couchsurfer’s apartment at 8:20 pm.  The turnoffs on the freeways can be very confusing.  So, we ended up taking a wrong turn.  We met Ashish and Melanie.  Ashish asked if we had eaten dinner.  I said we hadn’t.  Melanie cooked us some tasty shrimp pasta.  We talked awhile.  We started playing games on the Wii like canoeing, tennis and table tennis.


Walking around San Antonio

Ivan and I walked to Bill Miller BBQ on March 1, 2010.  Roscoe recommended it for good bbq.  We each got a bbq chicken sandwich.  We thought it was okay.  We didn’t think the bbq sauce tasted that good.

We met our tour guide at The Alamo.


We were headed on a San Antonio Walks tour.  Our tour guide Gary talked pretty much the whole time.  It was so interesting to hear all about The Alamo and also the history of San Antonio.  The weather was weird today.  It started showering for a few minutes and then it was sunny again.  It was a bit cold out as well.  We walked around the downtown area during the tour.


Also, along the Riverwalk and the La Villita area.  We enjoyed the tour.

We walked around San Antonio.  We walked through the shops in La Villita.  We stopped at a shop to get some Blue Bell ice cream.  My friend Amy told me I need to try some.  We had the chocolate and it tasted really good!  I wanted to take pictures of The Alamo.  It’s free to walk inside the Alamo.  You’re not allowed to wear hats since it’s considered a holy place (it used to be a chapel).  It’s crazy to imagine less than 200 people against 4,000 Mexicans.  Those are bad odds!  Those men were definitely brave.

We walked back to the hotel to chill.  Ivan and I did our laundry at the coin-operated machines.

I called Roscoe to see if he was ready to go to dinner.  Ivan, Roscoe and I walked to the Riverwalk.  We were checking out the restaurants.  Ivan wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack.  Some of the restaurants on the Riverwalk are too expensive.  Ivan and Roscoe have never been to Joe’s.  I’ve been to one in Las Vegas.  Ivan and I shared a big Shark Bite drink that’s meant for two people.


Ivan and I shared the crab stuffed mushrooms and the seafood platter.  The seafood platter came with tilapia, a crab cake and malibu shrimp.  The food was delicious!


Ivan, Jennifer and Roscoe

Roscoe walked us to Howl at the Moon.  We said good night to Roscoe.

Howl at the Moon is a bar that has dueling pianos.  The cover charge is $5 per person.  We went inside and found a table near the stage.

It was a guy and a girl on two pianos.  They sounded alright.  They played lots of requests like Santeria by Sublime and I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.


Colombian Food and San Antonio

Ivan and I woke up around noon on February 28, 2010.  Erika and Sara slept in.  We were thinking of headed to San Antonio as soon as we could.  Erika asked if we wanted to eat Colombian food and then hypnosis.  We said that we would join them for Colombian food since we didn’t have much time.  Both of us have never eaten Colombian food before.  Erika told us she didn’t want us to leave.

Ivan drove to Casa Colombia.  Erika and Sara ordered a few starters.  The plantains with cheese inside was really good.  Juli and Mark met us there.


Ivan and I shared the arroz con pollo and the tilapia.  The arroz con pollo was delicious.  Really good food!  It was great chatting to Erika, Sara, Juli and Mark.

We had a great time staying with Erika and Sara.  They really made us feel welcome in their home.  We felt like part of their circle of friends.  They’re lots of fun!

We started driving to San Antonio around 5:20 pm.  We did stop at Wal-Mart to grab a few things.  We arrived at 6:45 pm.  We met up with Roscoe at The Morris.  Roscoe is a guy I met on the internet years ago.  We always keep up with each other’s blogs and we chat via Twitter.  He has an apartment at The Morris.  Some of the rooms are set up as hotel rooms.  He got us a hotel room for 2 nights and he paid for it.  He’s such a nice guy.  He also stocked our refrigerator with food and drinks.  The Daves (the two monkeys we’re traveling with) were happy since Roscoe bought them bananas. 


Roscoe showed us around The Morris.  We chatted for a few minutes in his apartment.  We asked if he wanted to join us for dinner later.  He said yes.  He knew of a 24 hour place nearby.

We put our backpacks in the room and unpacked.  We also took showers.

It was raining when we met in the lobby around 10 pm.  Roscoe brought an umbrella.  Ivan and Roscoe used the umbrella.  My jacket has a hood.   Rain was getting on my eyeglasses though.


We walked a few blocks to the colorfully decorated Mi Tierra – a Tex Mex restaurant.  Ivan and I shared the chicken quesadilla and chicken fajitas.  The margaritas are very good there.  We chatted with Roscoe for awhile.  He’s a cool guy.  We walked back to The Morris.

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