Music Festival

Ivan went to lunch at Dreyer’s with Scott and his friends on March 6, 2010.  He told me that I could sleep more and he would bring me some food.  He brought me back yummy catfish with yams and an egg salad.

We went to the Geronimo Festival with Scott, Ryan and their friends.  It’s a music festival filled mostly of local bands.  The entrance is $15 per person.

We saw The Scoundrels.  They’re a band from London.  One of Scott’s friends knows the band.  They were good.

We got a chicken gyro sandwich from the deli nearby.

We went to Blue Moon.  We saw a popular local band called The Givers there.  It was freaking packed in the venue.   Ivan and I sat high on our chairs and had a good view.  They’re folk rock.  I can’t believe how the band is so energetic. 


The music is very unique and fun.  Many people in the crowd jump up and down or just dance around.

We walked to Artmosphere.  There was a band playing there.  But, it wasn’t anything special.

We had dinner at The Filling Station.  Ivan and I shared a chicken salad stuffed in an avocado, a shrimp salad stuffed in an avocado, chicken tortilla soup and a chicken taco.  The chicken tortilla soup wasn’t very warm so the waitress got it re-heated.  But, it wasn’t hot only a little warm.  The avocados with the salads were really good.

We saw Ryan back at The Artmosphere.  We planned to meet them at Sadie’s downtown for the Fleur de Tease show.

We walked to Sadie’s.  It was crowded in there.  We were near the stage, but I couldn’t see since I’m so short.  It sucks being short and not being able to see at shows or concerts.  Fleur de Tease is a burlesque show from New Orleans.  It was alright.  We left since we wanted to go to bed early since we had an early start tomorrow.  We said good bye to Scott and left around 9:30 pm.

Ivan and I went back to the house and used the internet.  Then, it was time to sleep.

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