Last Day on the Cruise

I slept in for awhile on March 13, 2010.  I just couldn’t wake up for some reason.  While I was sleeping, Ivan went to eat breakfast and then he chilled in the jacuzzi.

Ivan went to play the Sudoku challenge.  It was a Medium puzzle this time.  I went to get food.  I had a tasty noodle dish with Thai BBQ sauce, chicken, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms.

Ivan won the Sudoku challenge and he won a ship on a stick.  Ivan was hungry so we went to the buffet.  He got some items from there and then food from Sur Mer.

The buffet has a taste of nations part where they have a themed day like Mexican food.  Today, they had a chocolate buffet.  It always happens on the last day of the cruise at lunch time.  So, we went to check it out.  We thought it would be inventive chocolate dishes.  But, it was mostly just desserts.  Ivan did try the chocolate sushi which was gross.  I thought it sounded funny.

We went to the Live Champagne Art Auction.  It’s fun to watch because we think that people just go there for the free champagne and to try to win the raffles where you can win free art work.  It doesn’t seem like they sell that much art.  Most of the stuff that Park West is trying to sell is crap anyway.

We went to the theatre to see the Live TV Trivia.  Two of the entertainment hosts Nate and Christian were hosting the show.  They were giving prizes to each person who answered the questions right. The prizes were things like robes, bingo cards, watches and pictures frames.  You could also play from your room since they play it live on Channel 17.  If they ask a question to the rooms, you can call in.  Nate was trying to get Megan Ham to call in, but she probably wasn’t watching.  It was funny.

We went back to the room.  I was tired for some reason so I fell asleep.  Ivan walked around the cruise ship.

He came back and we watched an episode of Spooks on the laptop.  We went to the jacuzzi and chilled.  It was really quiet on the deck.  It was a nice sunset.

We got ready for dinner.  We went to Renoir.  All four women were there.  We were lucky to sit with some great company.  Bonnie and Christine are lovely women.


Top: Me, Christine and Bonnie // Bottom: Ivan, Kimberly and Leighanne

All the women we sat with are single, so if any guys are interested – please leave a comment!  I was so glad that I wasn’t seasick tonight.  It always seems to ruin my mood when I feel nauseous and I’m trying to eat my nice meal.  Ivan and I shared three appetizers: lobster bisque, a crab cake and fatoush salad.  They all tasted good.  I thought the lobster bisque was alright but Ivan liked it.  I definitely prefer crab to lobster.  Leighanne left earlier since she was playing Britney Spears in tonight’s Carnival Legends show.

We asked Bonnie what she said to Megan Ham.  She was told that Megan was partying and ended up falling asleep in a friend’s room.  We thought she had fun and ended up in a guy’s room.  Bonnie said she bought Megan a buttery nipple shot.  Bonnie is such a sweetie  She said that Megan was chewing on a big piece of gum.  She took it out of her mouth, took her shot and then put the gum back in.

Our main dishes were Cornish Game Hen and salmon.  There wasn’t too much meat on the hen.  Ivan had previously said that we should be bad and each get our own warm chocolate melting cake.  Ivan was ordering dessert with our waitress and he said a warm chocolate melting cake and diet apple pie.  I told him He sucks coz I thought we’d each be getting a melting cake.  So, he did change the order and got the two cakes.  It was sooo tasty!  I almost finished it.  Gosh, I love that cake!  There are tons of recipes online (not official of course), but I’m not much of a cook.. so I’m sure it wouldn’t turn out as good if I attempted it.

We went to the Carnival Legends show.  During the week, the ship had auditions for different acts like Madonna or Ricky Martin.  So, the best guest was picked and they’d be performing in the show tonight.  Tonight was the night for the show.  The guests were dressed up like the artist.  Stitch (he’s the karaoke guy who actually looks like a hobbit) and Nate (one of the entertainment hosts) played Sonny and Cher.  Stitch was on his knees.  It was funny.  We saw Leighanne as Britney Spears.


She has a great voice.  There was lots of other acts like Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Sir Elton John, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.  Elvis was the best!  Our cruise director Chris got in on the fun.  He was dressed as Dolly Parton with fake blonde wig and big fake boobs.  It was hilarious!  It was a great entertaining show!

We didn’t think much was going on since it was our last night.  Everybody was getting up early for debarkation.  We were tired so we went back to the room to get some sleep.

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10 thoughts on “Last Day on the Cruise

  1. Hey!

    I just wanted to leave a reply.
    I dont know if you saw us, but we were that group of baylor kids on the boat. We wore ” I AM MEAGAN HAM” shirts on the deck and around the boat on Friday 🙂

    Just wanted to say hi, and apologize in advance if we disrupted your cruise in anyway.

  2. We only saw one guy wearing a “I am Meagan Ham” shirt. I’m not sure how you spell Megan – so many different variations of the name. Anyway, you guys didn’t interrupt us at all. We thought that shirt was hilarious! The Megan Ham joke seems like it won’t die – even after the cruise!!

  3. Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of you guys. How did you find our blog? Hope you had fun on the cruise!! We sure did!

  4. I did a quick google search lol ” Megan Ham Carnival Conquest”

    and yall’s post came up first. We also had a blast and plan on going on another cruise soon!

  5. Just got back from the Conquest today (March 21). Megan Ham has become a running joke!

  6. Hi Meagan Ham!! How are you? It was your mom’s fault not yours heheh. You’re famous forever on Carnival now. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of you when I saw you at the club.

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