Ivan and I left Houston, Texas at 2 pm on March 3, 2010.  We were driving to Lafayette, Louisiana.  We arrived there at 5:10 pm.  The couchsurfers we were staying with weren’t home yet.  Becky did recommend CC’s Community Coffee.  We stopped there and got a cup of tea and a slice of banana bread.  We used the free wi-fi as well.

We drove to John and Becky’s house.  They’re a friendly couple.  A few minutes later, 2 French couchsurfers (a couple) arrived.  We said hi to the new couchsurfers Cedric and Sophie.  They’re French but they live in Germany.  They would be staying 2 nights also.  Since Ivan contacted Becky earlier on couchsurfing – we got the main room downstairs.  It’s a room with a comfy bed and it’s own bathroom attached to it.

Becky asked if we wanted to get dinner at a Cajun restaurant called Cafe Des Amis.  John had to go since he had a presentation to make for the Boy Scouts on backpacking.  We said we’d go.

We piled in the Becky’s car with Cedric, Sophie, John and Becky’s dog Boone.  There was a bluesy jazz band on called Chelsea Ellison Trio.


Ivan ordered us a bottle of Blue Moon Cabernet Sauvignon.  Ivan and I shared a cup of tasty gumbo. 


We also had fried catfish nuggets and a main dish of crawfish etouffee and fried shrimp.  Becky and Ivan sent back the main dish since the crawfish wasn’t very hot at all.  The food was average.  It was nice talking to Becky, Cedric and Sophie.  Cedric and Sophie are only in Louisiana for a week.  It’s weird but they haven’t made any plans for anything yet.  I think if I was going to a place for only a week, I would plan where I’d be staying and things to do.

Becky drove us back to the house.  John was back from his presentation.  He talked to the French couchsurfers about places to see in Louisiana. 

Everybody said good night and went to bed early.

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