Hairy Chests, Wine and Comedy

Ivan and I woke up around 10 am on March 8, 2010.  We were woken from an announcement in our rooms.  Most of the announcements are outside the cabin.  But, important ones are made in the room.  This was about a girl name Megan Ham.  It seems like she was missing.  There was four announcements about this.  We weren’t sure who was Megan Ham.  But, we were angry for being woken up four times in the early morning.  Our breakfast came from room service.  It was really good again. 

We had lunch at Sur Mur.  It’s a place that serves seafood.  We had ceviche, ahi tuna and a good soup that contained mussels, shrimp and fish.

The cruise ship has a Fun Times newsletter for each day that has all the events on the cruise ship.  It also has what kind of music is being played and the hours of the restaurants.  So, we had a lot of things marked in our newsletter that we would try to check out.

We went to the Cooking Demo at The Point Steakhouse.  But, unfortunately it was crowded and we couldn’t hear the chef very well.

We walked around the boat.  There are lots of events during the day.  Most of them are free, but sometimes a few events charge a fee.

Ivan and I got some seats in front of the Mixology contest that was already going on.  Three people got to create their drink.  A guy named Dan Little won and his drink would be featured as one of the drinks that you can buy on the cruise. 

We stayed in our chairs.  It was time for the Hairy Chest Contest.  10 men entered this contest.  First, they had to come down the stairs and dance around with no shirt on. 


It was really funny.  One of the guys slid down the stair banister.. and then he started doing the worm on the floor.  He had a huge belly but not much chest hair.  He started dancing with his shirt between his legs.  There were three women judges.  It was their job to eliminate four of them. 

Then, the guys had to dance sexy to music.  The guy who did the worm earlier did the shirt between his legs again.  The women had to eliminate three more people.  I’m not sure why but they eliminated two guys (including the worm guy). 

The last part was when the guys yelled out like Tarzan.  The audience got to pick the winner.  This old man won – he had an Army hat on.  Ivan thinks that they picked him since he was in the Army.  He actually did yell pretty good – similar to what Tarzan sounds like.

Next, Ivan and I went to Time for Fine Wine.  It’s a paid event at The Point Steakhouse.  It was $10 per person.  It’s a wine tasting with cheese, salmon, beef and fruits. 


The lady who ran the  wine tasting was very knowledgeable about wines.  She really knew her stuff.  She’s a sommelier so she should!  Most of the wines were good.  The lady told us to eat certain foods with a certain wine. 

We went to the Live Champagne Art Auction.  We grabbed a glass of champagne and sat down.  The auction was already going on.  It was our first art auction.  The company Park West was auctioning off a lot of different art pieces.  Ivan read about this company online.  It’s a scam so it was just humorous watching it.  We only stayed a couple minutes because we had another event to go to.

It was time for the Tea Party.  Ivan got Darjeeling and I had Orange tea.  Ivan and I shared the peach crumble.  We each had a salmon sandwich. 

We relaxed in the room for awhile. 

We went to the gym to work out.  We want to work out every day. That will allow us to eat that the tasty warm chocolate melting cake. 

Ivan set up dinner for the 8:15 pm time. 

We both got ready for the Elegant Evening.  The boat has two nights of Elegant Evening.  Not everybody participates but we wanted to.  Two of the restaurants require you to dress up nice on the Elegant Evenings.  This means no jeans, shorts, swim wear, flip-flops, and men’s sleeveless shirts.  Ivan thought he would be underdressed in his nice shirt and tie.  But, there was only a few people actually wearing tuxedos.            

We had dinner at Renoir restaurant.  We were seated with an older couple who lived near Lafayette, Louisiana.  We shared the strawberry bisque and the pumpkin soup.  The bisque just tasted like a strawberry yogurt.  Our main courses were the perch and lobster tail with grilled shrimp.  The perch was very tasteless.  So, Ivan decided to order the chicken breast dish.  The chicken breast tasted good but needed a sauce with it.  For dessert, we had the heavenly Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. 


The waiters sang a song for us.  The couple we ate with said they usually dance on the tables and dance around.  We hoped we would see it another night.

We sat at Blues which has a piano bar inside.  We sat in there for a few minutes during the sing a long.

It was time for the comedy show.  It featured Marc Rubbin, the ventriloquist.  It was an adult show.  He had four different dummies like a swami and a redneck.  He was funny for awhile then it wasn’t as funny.  There was a drunk guy at the next table who kept yelling  things.  He wasn’t saying anything funny at all. 

After the show, we walked to Henri’s.  It was way too cold in there.  So, we left.  There wasn’t really anything going on.  So, we decided to call it a night.

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