Famous Paris Dancing

Ivan and I got to sleep in on the morning of March 12, 2010.  It was an overcast day. 

We went to the buffet for breakfast. 

Ivan played the Digital Scavenger Hunt game.  You have to take pictures of certain places on the boat.  There’s bonus points for taking pictures of certain things like a man in a bikini or three people acting out the Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil and See No Evil thing.  The Daves (the two monkeys who are traveling with us) helped out with this. 


He thought he did really good, but somebody beat him.  He also thought there was a prize but it was all in good fun.  He was happy he got his exercise.

Ivan wanted to check out the Sudoku Challenge.  He was doing a Super Hard puzzle.  It seems that everybody gave up on it.  At the same place, there was the Famous Faces contest.  I started playing it.  It was pictures of famous people like actors, actresses and singers.  Only three people got Kylie Minogue right – I was one of them.  I got 19 out of 21 right.  One was the Mayor of Texas – like I would know who that was.  Too bad I didn’t get one more right because there was a tie of the score 20 out of 21.  I might have won the Ship on a Stick – it’s a plastic cruise ship that looks like it’s on a stick.

We went out on the deck to see the Ice Sculpting.  A man was creating an ice sculpture in 15 minutes.  Everybody was trying to guess what it was.  The sculpture turned out to be two birds and a heart. 


We went to the Love Game in the theatre.  It featured three married couples: newlyweds, a couple married for 8 years and then a couple married for 62 years.  The cruise director Chris was the host.  He was very funny.  He asked the couples lots of funny questions about their love life. 

Ivan and I went to the Tea Party.  We had nice tea and salmon sandwiches.

We went to the room to change.  Then, we worked out for 40 minutes at the gym.

We got ready.  It was the last Elegant Evening.  We dressed up. 


We went the Voila Paris show.  It was a good show with showgirls, singing, dancing like the can can. 

We went to dinner next.  We saw Bonnie and Christine there.  Ivan and I shared the delice of the ocean which came with sushi items.  I was feeling seasick because the boat was rocking a lot – so seafood didn’t really smell good to me.  We also shared the cherry bing soup.  I liked it, but Ivan thought it was too sweet.  Ivan and I also shared the grilled shrimp and the charred chicken.  The waiters and waitresses danced to the song Lo by Flo Rida.  I joined it and it was lots of fun.  I felt better after dancing.  A couple (two ladies) came over to talk with Bonnie and Christine.  They had dessert at our table.  I can’t remember the couple’s names.  Ivan and I shared the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake again.   We talked about English tv shows and movies.  Bonnie loves period dramas. 

We went to see the Adult Hypnosis show starring Puck.  It was better than the night before.  But, it was still a short show.  There were a number of really good people.  But, unfortunately he didn’t do much with them.  

We went dancing at Henri’s.  We popped out to see Close Up Magic at the La Tour Bar.  The guy does good magic tricks but he has no personality.  He almost put to sleep.  We had a glass of Beringer wine at bar.

We went back inside Henri’s to dance more.  We saw the two ladies (the couple we met earlier at dinner) there.  We danced with the shorter lady – she really loves to dance.  A little while later, we saw Bonnie and Christine there.  It was fun dancing with them.  The DJ announced that Megan Ham was in the nightclub.  Christine was really mad and wanted to throw a drink on her.  Bonnie was preventing her from doing this.  Bonnie talked to Megan Ham.  We danced for awhile.  The DJ is really clueless.  He seems to play music that he only likes.  Bonnie asked him to play the B-52’s.  He said I already did.  She asked him to play Beyonce’s Put a Ring on It.  He said I already did again.  He needs to learn how to play better music so the crowd actually gets on the floor.  There was probably 120 people in the club, but only about 20 people on the dance floor at one time.  We went back to our room around 1:50 am.

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