Cool Junk

Ivan was around up when I woke up around 2 pm on February 27, 2010.

Ivan and I went to lunch with Erika, Sara and their friend Reese at Whole Foods.  It’s buffet style with healthy food.  They had the best tomato chipotle soup.  The food was really good!

I drove us to the Cathedral of Junk.


It’s located in a local man’s backyard.  He started putting hubcabs up on the fence in 1989.  Now, it has amassed to a huge structure filled with all sorts of junk like street signs, bikes, computer mice, old AOL discs, toys, glass bottles, etc.  The items are all wired together.  You can climb up it and sit down in different places.  Look around to find places that you can climb up or go down.


It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be!  It’s really cool!  If you’re ever in Austin, you have to check it out!

We chilled at Zilker Park for a few minutes.  We drove back to Erika and Sara’s apartment.  We got ready since we’d be headed to 6th street.

We wanted to see Esther’s Follies.  Esther’s Follies was sold out, but they have a standby line.  We met a guy from Houston who was with his wife and 3 kids in the line.   He was very friendly.  He talked to Ivan about our travels.  We were the 6th and 7th person in line.  We got in to the Esther’s Follies show.  It’s a vaudeville show.  We didn’t get some of the Texan politics jokes.  It’s filled with short skits and magic tricks.  Some of the skits had popular songs with their own words.  It was really funny.’There’s a window in the back of the stage that shows the sidewalk.  They used the window a lot.. sometimes they had part of the show out there.

We decided to check out 6th Street.  It’s filled with lots of bars and a few restaurants.  It’s very touristy.  There was lots of young people around.  We stopped at Extreme Pita.  Ivan and I each had a tasty pita.

We didn’t feel like drinking so we didn’t go inside any of the bars.

We started driving back the apartment.  Erika called to ask if we wanted to come to Juli and Dani’s house.  Erika and Sara didn’t end up going to the Zombie party they were invited to.   They ended up having a party at Juli and Dani’s house.


Me, Juli and Dani

We saw some of their friends from the night before and we also met some new people.  Most of their friends introduced themselves to us.  Ivan did some magic tricks.  We had some red wine.  I was so tired.  We headed back around 2:30 am.

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