The cruise ship arrived at 7 am on March 11, 2010.  We woke up at 7:30 am. 

We went off the ship at 9 am to go explore Nassau.  The weather was overcast and a looked a little rainy.  We hoped that the weather would get better because we wanted to check out the water park at Atlantis.  We started looking for a taxi.  The taxis are actually vans that can 6-9 people in them.  Two other people were waiting.  We were waiting for two others to join us.  The guy asked about the entrance fee to Atlantis.  Our taxi driver said he could get a deal of $75 per person for the water park Aquaventure.  Ivan thought this sounded good since the hotel will charge you about $150 per person.  The driver took us to Atlantis for $4 per person.  Atlantis is a massive hotel resort.  Everybody left the taxi cab. 

The driver told Ivan to wait.  He told us to get back into the taxi.  His friend who works at the hotel gets the tickets for him.  We had to go meet him.  The taxi driver said since it’s a slow day, the people of Bahamas are slow to get to work.  They’re so laid back.  It took a few minutes for his friend to arrive. 

We each got a wristband and 2 lunch vouchers.  The taxi driver took us back to Atlantis. 

The weather had turned sunny so we were happy about that.  We walked to the Aquaventure Water Park.  There was a security guard but he just looked for wristbands and guest hotel keys.  Ivan thought the security was so lax.  He thought they would actually scan the bar code on the wristband. 

We were at the water park for a few hours.  You can float along in your tube and the lazy river takes you to two of the rides.  We thought that was pretty kewl.  One of the rides goes down real fast and then the slide goes up real fast.  Then, you’re in the dark.  The hot tub was super hot. 


There aren’t that many rides there.  But, it’s definitely a fun water park.  Not the best we’ve been to.  It does have lots of fake rocks and palm tress everywhere which makes it look great.  There wasn’t many people in the park.     

We wanted to check out more things to get our money’s worth.  We went to The Dig.  It shows the lost continent of Atlantis.  We saw a city buried underwater. 


There was lots of fish swimming around the ruins.  We saw different kinds of fish like lobster and jellyfish.   

Next, we went to the Predators.  This included a clear tunnel with sharks and fish swimming above and to the sides of you.  We did a lot of walking around since Atlantis is a really big resort.  If I worked there, I wouldn’t be able to give directions since it’s like a confusing maze.


I sent a postcard to my family before headed back to the cruise ship.  We got back on board at 4:30 pm. 

We stayed in the room for awhile.  Ivan went running on the top deck.  I was thinking of working out, but I was so knackered (tired) from being in the sun all day and walking around a lot. 

We went to the hypnosis show featuring Puck.  The shows they have every night are only 45 minutes long so people can make the dinner times.  Puck’s induction was too long.  It finally started getting funny but then he had to end the show.  Puck doesn’t have a funny personality. 

We went to dinner at Renoir at 8:15 pm.  Bonnie, Christine and Leighanne came a few minutes later.  We talked about our day.  I’m glad we got such cool dinner friends to sit with.  It’s always interesting to talk to friendly and interesting people. 

Ivan and I shared the chicken tenders with a thai sauce and the mushroom soup.  Both starters were very good. 


We also shared a vegetarian lasagna and a snapper on gazpacho juice.  The vegetarian lasagna was good.  I didn’t really fancy the snapper, but Ivan liked it with the sweet potato mash it came with.  Our server (who we’ve had for three nights) asked us if we wanted our Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  We said that Yes, we would.  We did laugh that she knew that we wanted to order it.  

We said good night to our dinner friends.  We headed back to our room since we were really tired.  I wasn’t feeling well.  I was feeling every movement of the boat for some reason.  I don’t like being seasick.  It just makes me nauseous.

We watched the great British movie Eden Lake on the laptop.  Then, we went to bed.

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