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A Fun Museum and Passover

I woke up around 10:45 am on March 29, 2010.  Ivan was already awake.  We got ready.  We headed to Eleven Eleven Mississippi for lunch.  Ivan read that it was a good restaurant, but it’s much cheaper at lunch time. 

Ivan and I shared the butternut squash soup for a starter.  Ivan loved it, I liked it as well but it was a bit too sweet.  We also shared a beet salad with grilled chicken and a Eleven Eleven BLT.  Their BLT stands for Bourbon apples, maine Lobster and Thyme remoulade.  We each had a glass of lovely Cape Indaba Shiraz during our lunch.  It was a very good meal.

Next, we drove to the City Museum.  The admission is $12 per person (even kids).  This museums is filled with slides, things to climb up and caves.  This is fun for both kids and adults.  Ivan and I love to play – we still act like we’re kids. The museum is old and some of it is in disrepair.  But, it’s still pretty cool.  They’re currently fixing things in the museum.

We climbed inside the whale’s mouth to explore.  It took us to the second level. There’s lots of slides to go on.  Outside there’s a big structure that you can climb on. 


There’s also a big area with a ball pit.  The balls are bigger than usual.  You can stand over the pit and kids throw up balls.  We tried to hit people with the balls.  Ivan went into the ball pit.  He had fun hitting the kids with the balls.  I hit him from above.

Here’s a video of Ivan playing in the Ball Pit:

Ivan and I went to walk up to go on the 10 story slide.  I was too tired to walk anymore.  Ivan went on it though.  It didn’t go that fast.  I went on a smaller one which was pretty slow too.

We spent 2 hours there.  It was tons of fun! 

Ivan drove us to Crown Candy Kitchen.  Their known for their malts.  If you can drink 5 malts within 30 minutes, you get it for free.  Ivan and I shared a chocolate banana malt.  Big Dave & Lil Dave (the monkeys we’re traveling with) each had a banana malt with extra bananas inside.  The malt was good.  It was Ivan’s first malt.  Crown Candy also makes their own chocolates.  We tried a raspberry filled chocolate.  The filling was way too sweet.  We bought a dozen chocolates for Sue and Ralph.

We drove back to the house.  Ivan helped out with dinner while I took a shower.  Ivan rolled matzah balls.  Ivan set the table.  I got dressed.  I also helped out in the kitchen.  Sue had invited us to Passover seder (a Jewish ritual feast).  It was my first Passover.  Ivan is Jewish and he hasn’t attended a Passover seder in six years.

People starting coming over.  We met Sue’s parents Liz and Henry.  Then, Sue & Ralph’s daughter Julie came.  She was with her friends Ericka and Sophie.

We read from a haggadah that was for children.  Some of the parts were actually wrong.  They read from the haggadah and it was mostly in English.  There was some Hebrew.  I just tried to pronounce it as well as I could.  Ivan can actually read Hebrew.  Everybody takes turns reading. 


There’s different things that you do like dip the parsley in the salt water and then eat it.  Also, you make a sandwich out of matzo, horseradish and charoset (mixture of walnuts, cinammon, wine, honey and apples) and eat it.  The ceremony only lasted 30 minutes.  Sometimes it can last hours.

We had matzo ball soup to start off with.  It was really good.  Ivan told Ericka that he rolled the matzo balls.

Next, it was time for the main course.  The food was set up in a buffet style.  There was beef brisket with carrots on top, kugel and salad.  Sue cooked a baked potato for me, Ivan and Ericka.  I had some beef brisket, kugel and salad.  Everything tasted really good.  Ivan didn’t have any beef since he doesn’t eat red meat.  For dessert, Sue made a tasty chocolate mousse.  It was really sweet and tasted great. 

At the end, half of a matzo is hidden.  You have to try to find it.  Ericka found the matzo which was hidden behind a table.  Usually at the end, you play games.  But, Ivan was going to be the entertainer for the night.  Julie really wanted to be hypnotized.

We went down to the basement.  Ivan did the hypnosis induction on Julie, Ericka and Sophie.  Julie was the most hypnotized while Ericka was the least hypnotized.  Julie talked on multiple phones which were actually people’s shoes, forgot her name, forgot the number 3 and saw Ivan and me as her parents.  Everybody thought it was really funny. 


We said goodbye to everybody as they left. 

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