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A Chill Day

Ivan and I packed everything up on March 27, 2010.  We followed Kristina to the Loveless Cafe at 2 pm.  She recommended that we go there.  It’s also high up on the Nashville restaurants on Tripadvisor.

It was a long 30 minute drive there.  We were told that there’s an hour and fifteen minute wait for a table.  It was a great day out so it seemed like everybody was at the cafe.

We walked around the shops around the cafe.  I really liked the store Curious Heart.  The wait was actually only 45 minutes.

We were brought biscuits with three different jams.  The biscuits were hot and tasted great.


Kristina, Ivan and me at Loveless Cafe

Ivan had the grilled catfish and I got the chicken fingers with BBQ sauce.  It was great food!

We said goodbye and thank you to Kristina.  We had a great time with Kristina and Chris in Nashville.  They’re lots of fun and very giving people.

We drove to Aloft Hotel.  We checked in there.


We got a nice room.

We wanted to chill for the day.  We were so tired.  We watched some tv and used the free wi-fi in the room.

Ivan drove a few minutes to the movie theatre.  We saw the funny movie Hot Tub Time Machine.

We were driving around to find a place to eat.  We decided to go to Wolfgang Puck Express.  You can either eat in or do take out.

Ivan ordered a tortilla soup and a salmon salad.  I got a pesto chicken sandwich.  We took the food back to the hotel.  The food was delicious.

We chilled at the hotel for the night.  We watched The Ricky Gervais Show and then off to sleep.

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