Daily Archives: March 23, 2010


Ivan and I slept in on March 21, 2010.  We woke up at 11:30  am.

Carl wanted to take us to Lumpkin’s BBQ for lunch.  We drove about 20 minutes to get there from his apartment.


Lumpkin’s BBQ is a buffet.  There was lots of black people there who were dressed up.  Carl told us the night before that they would be dressed up because they had just come from church.

Ivan and I grabbed some food.  I had some grilled catfish, corn, chicken and corn bread.  The catfish was really good.

Carl makes a CD for practically all the couchsurfers that stay with him.  We forgot ours, so we headed back to his house.  We said good bye and thanks to Carl.  We s. aid good bye to Renaud and Whitley.  We would be seeing Renaud again on Monday since he’s staying with the same couchsurfer we’d be staying with in Memphis, Tennessee.  We had a great time staying with Carl.  He definitely knows how to show couchsurfers a good time in Jackson.

We listened to cool Carl’s CD in the car after transfering it to my iPod.  It has blues and r ‘n b on it.

I drove the whole way to Clarksdale, Mississippi.  It took 2 hours and 45 minutes without any stops.

We checked in at the Shack Up Inn.  They have farm shacks that have old style furniture and decorations inside.  We decided to take a room that’s built in the old cotton gin which they call Bins.  The friendly lady at the front desk told us that a Mexican restaurant and a Pizza place should be open for dinner.


We put our things down in the room.  It has a tv, fridge and a microwave in the room as well.

Ivan called the Pizza place and it was actually closing at 8 pm which was in 10 minutes.  Ivan found out that the Mexican restaurant was open until 10 pm.

Ivan drove to Atzimba Mexican Restaurant.  We got some guacamole.  We shared the chicken soup, chicken burrito and shrimps in a hot sauce.  The hot sauce wasn’t very hot at all.

We went back to the hotel.  We watched a few episodes of The Inbetweeners and then went to bed.

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