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Last Day on the Cruise

I slept in for awhile on March 13, 2010.  I just couldn’t wake up for some reason.  While I was sleeping, Ivan went to eat breakfast and then he chilled in the jacuzzi.

Ivan went to play the Sudoku challenge.  It was a Medium puzzle this time.  I went to get food.  I had a tasty noodle dish with Thai BBQ sauce, chicken, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms.

Ivan won the Sudoku challenge and he won a ship on a stick.  Ivan was hungry so we went to the buffet.  He got some items from there and then food from Sur Mer.

The buffet has a taste of nations part where they have a themed day like Mexican food.  Today, they had a chocolate buffet.  It always happens on the last day of the cruise at lunch time.  So, we went to check it out.  We thought it would be inventive chocolate dishes.  But, it was mostly just desserts.  Ivan did try the chocolate sushi which was gross.  I thought it sounded funny.

We went to the Live Champagne Art Auction.  It’s fun to watch because we think that people just go there for the free champagne and to try to win the raffles where you can win free art work.  It doesn’t seem like they sell that much art.  Most of the stuff that Park West is trying to sell is crap anyway.

We went to the theatre to see the Live TV Trivia.  Two of the entertainment hosts Nate and Christian were hosting the show.  They were giving prizes to each person who answered the questions right. The prizes were things like robes, bingo cards, watches and pictures frames.  You could also play from your room since they play it live on Channel 17.  If they ask a question to the rooms, you can call in.  Nate was trying to get Megan Ham to call in, but she probably wasn’t watching.  It was funny.

We went back to the room.  I was tired for some reason so I fell asleep.  Ivan walked around the cruise ship.

He came back and we watched an episode of Spooks on the laptop.  We went to the jacuzzi and chilled.  It was really quiet on the deck.  It was a nice sunset.

We got ready for dinner.  We went to Renoir.  All four women were there.  We were lucky to sit with some great company.  Bonnie and Christine are lovely women.


Top: Me, Christine and Bonnie // Bottom: Ivan, Kimberly and Leighanne

All the women we sat with are single, so if any guys are interested – please leave a comment!  I was so glad that I wasn’t seasick tonight.  It always seems to ruin my mood when I feel nauseous and I’m trying to eat my nice meal.  Ivan and I shared three appetizers: lobster bisque, a crab cake and fatoush salad.  They all tasted good.  I thought the lobster bisque was alright but Ivan liked it.  I definitely prefer crab to lobster.  Leighanne left earlier since she was playing Britney Spears in tonight’s Carnival Legends show.

We asked Bonnie what she said to Megan Ham.  She was told that Megan was partying and ended up falling asleep in a friend’s room.  We thought she had fun and ended up in a guy’s room.  Bonnie said she bought Megan a buttery nipple shot.  Bonnie is such a sweetie  She said that Megan was chewing on a big piece of gum.  She took it out of her mouth, took her shot and then put the gum back in.

Our main dishes were Cornish Game Hen and salmon.  There wasn’t too much meat on the hen.  Ivan had previously said that we should be bad and each get our own warm chocolate melting cake.  Ivan was ordering dessert with our waitress and he said a warm chocolate melting cake and diet apple pie.  I told him He sucks coz I thought we’d each be getting a melting cake.  So, he did change the order and got the two cakes.  It was sooo tasty!  I almost finished it.  Gosh, I love that cake!  There are tons of recipes online (not official of course), but I’m not much of a cook.. so I’m sure it wouldn’t turn out as good if I attempted it.

We went to the Carnival Legends show.  During the week, the ship had auditions for different acts like Madonna or Ricky Martin.  So, the best guest was picked and they’d be performing in the show tonight.  Tonight was the night for the show.  The guests were dressed up like the artist.  Stitch (he’s the karaoke guy who actually looks like a hobbit) and Nate (one of the entertainment hosts) played Sonny and Cher.  Stitch was on his knees.  It was funny.  We saw Leighanne as Britney Spears.


She has a great voice.  There was lots of other acts like Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Sir Elton John, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.  Elvis was the best!  Our cruise director Chris got in on the fun.  He was dressed as Dolly Parton with fake blonde wig and big fake boobs.  It was hilarious!  It was a great entertaining show!

We didn’t think much was going on since it was our last night.  Everybody was getting up early for debarkation.  We were tired so we went back to the room to get some sleep.


Famous Paris Dancing

Ivan and I got to sleep in on the morning of March 12, 2010.  It was an overcast day. 

We went to the buffet for breakfast. 

Ivan played the Digital Scavenger Hunt game.  You have to take pictures of certain places on the boat.  There’s bonus points for taking pictures of certain things like a man in a bikini or three people acting out the Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil and See No Evil thing.  The Daves (the two monkeys who are traveling with us) helped out with this. 


He thought he did really good, but somebody beat him.  He also thought there was a prize but it was all in good fun.  He was happy he got his exercise.

Ivan wanted to check out the Sudoku Challenge.  He was doing a Super Hard puzzle.  It seems that everybody gave up on it.  At the same place, there was the Famous Faces contest.  I started playing it.  It was pictures of famous people like actors, actresses and singers.  Only three people got Kylie Minogue right – I was one of them.  I got 19 out of 21 right.  One was the Mayor of Texas – like I would know who that was.  Too bad I didn’t get one more right because there was a tie of the score 20 out of 21.  I might have won the Ship on a Stick – it’s a plastic cruise ship that looks like it’s on a stick.

We went out on the deck to see the Ice Sculpting.  A man was creating an ice sculpture in 15 minutes.  Everybody was trying to guess what it was.  The sculpture turned out to be two birds and a heart. 


We went to the Love Game in the theatre.  It featured three married couples: newlyweds, a couple married for 8 years and then a couple married for 62 years.  The cruise director Chris was the host.  He was very funny.  He asked the couples lots of funny questions about their love life. 

Ivan and I went to the Tea Party.  We had nice tea and salmon sandwiches.

We went to the room to change.  Then, we worked out for 40 minutes at the gym.

We got ready.  It was the last Elegant Evening.  We dressed up. 


We went the Voila Paris show.  It was a good show with showgirls, singing, dancing like the can can. 

We went to dinner next.  We saw Bonnie and Christine there.  Ivan and I shared the delice of the ocean which came with sushi items.  I was feeling seasick because the boat was rocking a lot – so seafood didn’t really smell good to me.  We also shared the cherry bing soup.  I liked it, but Ivan thought it was too sweet.  Ivan and I also shared the grilled shrimp and the charred chicken.  The waiters and waitresses danced to the song Lo by Flo Rida.  I joined it and it was lots of fun.  I felt better after dancing.  A couple (two ladies) came over to talk with Bonnie and Christine.  They had dessert at our table.  I can’t remember the couple’s names.  Ivan and I shared the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake again.   We talked about English tv shows and movies.  Bonnie loves period dramas. 

We went to see the Adult Hypnosis show starring Puck.  It was better than the night before.  But, it was still a short show.  There were a number of really good people.  But, unfortunately he didn’t do much with them.  

We went dancing at Henri’s.  We popped out to see Close Up Magic at the La Tour Bar.  The guy does good magic tricks but he has no personality.  He almost put to sleep.  We had a glass of Beringer wine at bar.

We went back inside Henri’s to dance more.  We saw the two ladies (the couple we met earlier at dinner) there.  We danced with the shorter lady – she really loves to dance.  A little while later, we saw Bonnie and Christine there.  It was fun dancing with them.  The DJ announced that Megan Ham was in the nightclub.  Christine was really mad and wanted to throw a drink on her.  Bonnie was preventing her from doing this.  Bonnie talked to Megan Ham.  We danced for awhile.  The DJ is really clueless.  He seems to play music that he only likes.  Bonnie asked him to play the B-52’s.  He said I already did.  She asked him to play Beyonce’s Put a Ring on It.  He said I already did again.  He needs to learn how to play better music so the crowd actually gets on the floor.  There was probably 120 people in the club, but only about 20 people on the dance floor at one time.  We went back to our room around 1:50 am.



The cruise ship arrived at 7 am on March 11, 2010.  We woke up at 7:30 am. 

We went off the ship at 9 am to go explore Nassau.  The weather was overcast and a looked a little rainy.  We hoped that the weather would get better because we wanted to check out the water park at Atlantis.  We started looking for a taxi.  The taxis are actually vans that can 6-9 people in them.  Two other people were waiting.  We were waiting for two others to join us.  The guy asked about the entrance fee to Atlantis.  Our taxi driver said he could get a deal of $75 per person for the water park Aquaventure.  Ivan thought this sounded good since the hotel will charge you about $150 per person.  The driver took us to Atlantis for $4 per person.  Atlantis is a massive hotel resort.  Everybody left the taxi cab. 

The driver told Ivan to wait.  He told us to get back into the taxi.  His friend who works at the hotel gets the tickets for him.  We had to go meet him.  The taxi driver said since it’s a slow day, the people of Bahamas are slow to get to work.  They’re so laid back.  It took a few minutes for his friend to arrive. 

We each got a wristband and 2 lunch vouchers.  The taxi driver took us back to Atlantis. 

The weather had turned sunny so we were happy about that.  We walked to the Aquaventure Water Park.  There was a security guard but he just looked for wristbands and guest hotel keys.  Ivan thought the security was so lax.  He thought they would actually scan the bar code on the wristband. 

We were at the water park for a few hours.  You can float along in your tube and the lazy river takes you to two of the rides.  We thought that was pretty kewl.  One of the rides goes down real fast and then the slide goes up real fast.  Then, you’re in the dark.  The hot tub was super hot. 


There aren’t that many rides there.  But, it’s definitely a fun water park.  Not the best we’ve been to.  It does have lots of fake rocks and palm tress everywhere which makes it look great.  There wasn’t many people in the park.     

We wanted to check out more things to get our money’s worth.  We went to The Dig.  It shows the lost continent of Atlantis.  We saw a city buried underwater. 


There was lots of fish swimming around the ruins.  We saw different kinds of fish like lobster and jellyfish.   

Next, we went to the Predators.  This included a clear tunnel with sharks and fish swimming above and to the sides of you.  We did a lot of walking around since Atlantis is a really big resort.  If I worked there, I wouldn’t be able to give directions since it’s like a confusing maze.


I sent a postcard to my family before headed back to the cruise ship.  We got back on board at 4:30 pm. 

We stayed in the room for awhile.  Ivan went running on the top deck.  I was thinking of working out, but I was so knackered (tired) from being in the sun all day and walking around a lot. 

We went to the hypnosis show featuring Puck.  The shows they have every night are only 45 minutes long so people can make the dinner times.  Puck’s induction was too long.  It finally started getting funny but then he had to end the show.  Puck doesn’t have a funny personality. 

We went to dinner at Renoir at 8:15 pm.  Bonnie, Christine and Leighanne came a few minutes later.  We talked about our day.  I’m glad we got such cool dinner friends to sit with.  It’s always interesting to talk to friendly and interesting people. 

Ivan and I shared the chicken tenders with a thai sauce and the mushroom soup.  Both starters were very good. 


We also shared a vegetarian lasagna and a snapper on gazpacho juice.  The vegetarian lasagna was good.  I didn’t really fancy the snapper, but Ivan liked it with the sweet potato mash it came with.  Our server (who we’ve had for three nights) asked us if we wanted our Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  We said that Yes, we would.  We did laugh that she knew that we wanted to order it.  

We said good night to our dinner friends.  We headed back to our room since we were really tired.  I wasn’t feeling well.  I was feeling every movement of the boat for some reason.  I don’t like being seasick.  It just makes me nauseous.

We watched the great British movie Eden Lake on the laptop.  Then, we went to bed.


Freeport, Bahamas

Ivan and I enjoyed our breakfast in bed again on March 10, 2010.  We arrived in Freeport, Bahamas at 8:30 am.  We left the cruise ship at 9 am.  We got a taxi into town. 

We walked around a bit.  Ivan wanted to do the tour where you can swim with dolphins.  But, it’s way too expensive.  They do have a cheaper tour but it only includes a dolphin show and you get to pat the dolphin. 

We walked to the beach.  It was a beautiful beach with white sand. 


We put our towels down and laid down.  Ivan and I were so tired that we fell asleep.  The weather was sunny, but it was a little breezy.   Sometimes it was a little cold since we were near the water.  I went into the water for a few minutes but it was too cold.  It was nice that the weather wasn’t too hot.  It’s Spring Break so there were tons of people there playing volleyball and drinking.

We went to eat at Zorba’s Greek Cuisine for lunch.  We had hummus, conch chowder and a fried conch wrap. 


We walked back to the beach.  We watched people play beach volleyball.  There was a stage with loud music playing.  We watched a few minutes of the Sex Position contest. 

We went back to the ship about 4 pm.  We chilled in the room.  I fell asleep.  The sun always makes me so tired.

Ivan went to have sushi.  Ivan went to the running track which is on the top deck.  He saw a beautiful sunset up there.  I continued to rest.  I worked on the blog some. 

We went to see Lady of Hellevi – Enchantress of Elements.  There was a long intro with music and a video playing.  Ivan and I thought that was unnecessary.  It was kinda boring anyway.  The magic show was really cheesy.  There was a lot of dancers from the Carnival dancers.  Lady Hellevi did acrobatics with the white silk in the air.  Of course, she did magic but it was really cheesy.  Ivan said she’s attractive so she can get away with it.  Some of the magic tricks were so obvious.  But, the boat is filled with a lot of Texans.  I don’t know if they’ve never seen a magic show before or not.. but they seemed pretty impressed.  We saw a guy who had on a shirt that said I am Megan Ham on it.  Megan Ham has become a joke all along the ship.

We went to dinner at Renoir again.  We saw Bonnie and Christine again.  We met the new ladies Kimberly and Leighanne.  We’ve seen Leighanne before.  She was a judge in the Hairy Chest Contest.  We chatted with all the ladies.  Ivan and I shared the yummy Tom Ka Gai soup and the wilted spinach with walnuts for our starters.  We ordered the seafood dish and the salmon with eggplant.  The salmon was great, but the seafood dish was plain.  We were going to order something else.  But, Bonnie offered us half of her vegetable and black bean enchilada.  She was full from all her dishes.  The enchilada was really good.  Of course, we had our favorite dessert – the warm chocolate melting cake. 

We checked out the pictures that were taken of us on the ship.  The cruise ship has many opportunities where you can take pictures with their professional photographers.  It’s funny coz they make you pose in cheesy poses.  Everybody always smiles or looks all serious in their photo.  Ivan and I make funny faces.  We would love to buy some of the pictures of us but the portraits are $21.99 per picture.  That’s just too expensive!  But, we might buy one.. we’ll see!

We took more pictures all over the boat. 

We went to the Adult Game Show.  It features three married couples –  one married for 4 days (which is actually a lie because it was Leighanne who’s actually single and a guy she met on the boat), a couple married 14 years and one married for 21 years.  Leighanne was really drunk.  It was really funny because they had to answer a lot of questions about sex.  Nobody won at the end, even though it was obvious one couple got the most questions right.  Each couple did win a bottle of champagne for participating in the game. 


When we walked in the room, there was a towel monkey in our room.  It’s great that we get a new towel animal every night when they turn down the room.  Lil Dave (the small monkey we’re traveling with) thought it was pretty cool.  He wished that it was a real monkey he could play with.

We went to sleep early again since we’d be arriving in Nassau, Bahamas early tomorrow.


Key West

Ivan and I had breakfast in bed again on March 9, 2010.  We had to turn our clocks forward one hour last night.  We arrived in Key West, Florida at 9:30 am.  We discovered that there was free wi-fi available from the Hyatt. 

We got off the cruise ship and walked around Key West.  I saw a Free Bar Tasting sign at Peppers of Key West.  It’s a shop that sells hot sauces and marinades.  We got to sample a couple different sauces.  Ivan bought the Key West is Goin’ Bananas Hot Sauce.  It was really tasty and not too spicy. 

We had lunch at Fogarty’s.  Ivan and I shared the Conch Fritters and a dolphin sandwich (it was actually a white fish and NOT dolphin). 

We got a slice of key lime pie at Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe.  We used their free wi-fi there right next to the koi pond in the back.  We ate the key lime pie.  It was good.  That was my first slice of key lime pie.

We walked around some more.  Ivan bought me a skirt and a pair of Key West shorts for $5 each.  We saw a few different statues around Key West. 


We went back on the cruise ship at 4:15 pm. 

We put on our bathing suits and went to the jacuzzi.  Then, we went to the sushi bar and had a few rolls of sushi. 

We rested in the room for a bit.  We went to the gym to work out.

We went to the Motown show.  It was alright.  A guy brought up people to sing songs with him. 

We went to the Renoir restaurant for dinner.  Ivan asked earlier to be assigned to a new table since we wanted to meet new people.  The maitr’d wasn’t very happy about this.  He said once you’re assigned a table, that will be your table the rest of the time. We’re not sure why somebody told Ivan otherwise. 

We were taken to a table for six.  A few minutes later, we met two nice ladies.  Bonnie is from Chicago and Christine is from Washington D.C.  They’re both very friendly.  We chatted with them a lot.  They told us that the other two girls probably wouldn’t be coming.  They said that both of those girls are cruise veterans.  Bonnie talked to Christian (one of the entertainment hosts on the cruise ship) about Megan Ham.  She was the one mentioned on the announcement that woke us up four times on our first morning of the cruise.  Bonnie said that she is a 20 year old woman.  It was her mother who freaked out when she didn’t see Megan in the cruise ship.  So, she told somebody to announce it, so she would come back.  I guess she was worried that she was lost or in trouble.  Ivan thought that it was a small child that was lost, but that wasn’t the case.

Ivan and I shared the Study of Sushi which came with a few sushi items.  We also shared a tasty black bean soup.  We shared two tasty main courses: chicken sicilian style with eggplant and mushrooms and a salmon dish.  For dessert, we shared the warm chocolate melting cake.


The waiters started dancing to Jai Ho.  Some of the waiters were dancing on the tables.  It was pretty cool.  A few guests joined in.

We went to check out mardi gras party, but it was cheesy. They have different events for your team.  Teams are divided up with the different floors.  I think we’re the Red Team, but Ivan thinks we’re the Blue Team.  There were different events like karaoke and dancing.  The teams were awarded points for doing good.  We really don’t care about the points at all.  I’m not sure if the teams win anything at the end.  Some people are way into it, they were actually wearing their team colors like our Fun Times newsletters suggested.  We decided to go to bed since we would be waking up early.

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