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Pink Floyd and Hypnosis

Ivan and I left John and Becky’s house on March 5, 2010.  We went to their shop Pack and Paddle to say thank you and good bye, but they were busy.  So, we said we’d come back later.

Since we’d be heading on our cruise soon, we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy some things.  We stopped at Ross and Ivan bought some dress clothes.  There are two elegant nights on the cruise where everybody dresses up.  So, he bought some nice shirts and slacks.

We drove back to Pack and Paddle.  We said thank you and good bye to Becky.

Next, we drove to Scott’s house.  He’s the couchsurfer we were staying with for the next two days.  We also met his roommate Ryan.  They’re both attending college right now.  Scott asked if we wanted to go with them to the Filling Station.  They were meeting their friends there. 

Scott drove us to the Filling Station which was very close to his house.  It used to be a gas station.  They didn’t change it much so it still kind of looked like a gas station.  We met Scott’s friends.  We had a few cups of strong margaritas.  Ivan and I shared an avocado bowl which came with other vegetables. 

Scott drove us back to his place.  Ivan performed hypnosis on Ryan.  He was hypnotized, but for some reason hallucinations didn’t work on him.

Scott and Ryan walked us to Nite Town.  It’s only like 10 minutes away.  We were going to see Bricks in the Wall – The Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd.  We said bye to Scott and Ryan.

We got some good flat bread sandwiches at Subway. 

The show was supposed to start at 9 pm and the doors would open at 8 pm.  But, they were running behind – so we got in about 9 pm.  We found a table and sat down.  There was a dance floor and not many tables.  Ivan found out that the band would be on at 10 pm.  It was cold inside the bar. 

The band started about 10:15 pm.  Bricks in the Wall is an awesome tribute band.  There was also lights and lasers going on.  The wine was cheap there and tasted good.  It was only $3.50 per glass.  We enjoyed the show so much. 


The band played tons of songs like Pigs (Three Different Ones), Breathe, Mama, Sheep, The Great Gig in the Sky and all of Wish You Were Here.  The band was celebrating the 35th anniversary of the album Wish You Were Here.  The songs they played for the encore was Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell.  The show was almost 3 hours long.

We met up with Scott at the Green Room.  It was almost closing time.  Bars close at 2 am in Lafayette.  There was a guy on a microphone saying that the bar was closed and we had to leave the bar.  If you have a glass or glass bottle and you walk out the door, you’ll be arrested on the spot.  The bar provides plastic cups so you can put your drink in there. 

We left the bar.  The guy on the microphone was one of Scott’s friends named Josh.  The police blow their whistle and make people leave the bar after 2 am.  If you stay around the area, the police will blow their whistle and tell you to move along. 

Josh wanted Ivan to hypnotize him.  Scott told people to come to his house.  We walked there. 

Ivan hypnotized Josh.  It was really funny.  It went on for hours and everybody enjoyed it.

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