Wild and Wacky Dancing

Ivan drove us to the Farmer’s Market.  It’s located indoors.  There was lots of things for sale like apple cider, bags, clothing, cheese and salsas.  There was two good cheeses but expensive.  We had Rose’s Tamales there.  We had a vegetarian and chicken tamale.  The chicken tamale was a lot better.  It would have tasted better with hot sauce.

We were about to leave.  In the next building over, there was about 20 Native Americans dancing around.  Really strong incense was burning – it made me want to sneeze. 

We drove back to the hotel.  We walked to the Plaza.  We stopped at The Burrito Co. for lunch.  We each had a breakfast burrito with egg, potato and chicken in them.  They were so tasty!

Later that afternoon, we met up with The Pink Lady for the Wild and Wacky Walking Tour.  We were going to check out the Miraculous Staircase at the Loretto Chapel.  But, unfortunately there was a wedding going on and it was closed.  The Pink Lady gave us an overview of Santa Fe’s history.

The Pink Lady took us to many places like Todos Santos a famous chocolate candy shop.  The chocolates were alright.  There was one with sea salt on it that tasted pretty good.. but the rest were rather plain.  The shop is really kewl and colorful inside.  They don’t like people to take pictures inside though.  We inside the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi.  It was pretty inside. 

It started snowing – just a sprinkle.

We went into the Chuck Jones Studio Gallery.  He’s the artist who drew Roadrunner and Coyote.  It had lots of great art inside.  Then, we went to The Pop Gallery.  The art in there is very cool and unique. 

The tour was interesting.  I’m not sure what was so wild or wacky about it.  The Pink Lady does dress up all in pink though in southwestern style.


That night, we walked to the Convention Center.  It was the Let’s Dance event.  We arrived a few minutes after 6 pm.  There was free dance lessons from 6 to 7 pm.  There was a lot of people already there learning the moves.  We learned the foxtrot and a swing.

We got some food.  Food was being sold by Cowgirl BBQ.  We got the butternut squash casserole and chicken enchilada.  The butternut squash was a lot tastier.

There was a volunteer orchestra playing.  It was mostly ballroom music that wasn’t that fast.  Then the jazz band came on. 


We danced for a little while.  We tried out some of the new moves we learned earlier.  It was a fun night.

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