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Tex Mex Cowboys

Ivan and I went to Chuy’s for lunch on February 25, 2010.  Ramano recommended it.   It’s known for good Tex Mex cuisine.  Ivan and I shared the chicken enchilada and chicken fajita burrito.


Big as Your Face Burrito

The chicken fajita is huge.  It was really great food!  We were so stuffed when we left.


We stopped at a McDonald’s that’s shaped like a happy meal.  Inside, it’s very nice with wood paneling on the booths.

Ivan drove us to Arlington.  We got to the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  We bought tickets for the tour.  Our tour guide was very informative.  He had a thick Texan accent which reminded me of George W. Bush.  The stadium is the biggest sports arena in the world.


The stadium was getting ready for a monster truck event.  So, there was no grass down.  It’s a huge place!  We went into the Dallas Cowboys dressing room and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders dressing room.  The dressing room is underground.

We drove back to Ramano’s house.

We went to eat with Ramano at Vermont Tangos.  Most of the dishes are for sharing.  Ramano ordered four dishes:  sweet potato fries, hummus, chicken and waffles and sea bass skewers.  All the dishes tasted awesome!  It was the first time that Ivan and I tried chicken and waffles.  We had a drink each: a Victor Tangos and a Passionfruit Gimlet.  They tasted really good!  A few couchsurfers Ramano knows joined our table.

We went to another bar called Capitol Pub.  We just chatted there.  Ramano’s friends played darks.  We had a glass of red wine there.

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