Daily Archives: February 26, 2010


Ivan and I said thank you and goodbye to Jeff on February 24, 2010.  He’s a really friendly guy who likes to talk.  We started driving to Dallas at 11:30 am.  We stopped at Wal-Mart to grab some food.  When we arrived in Texas, there was a rest stop with lots of Texas information.  Apparently, there’s free wi-fi as well. 

We arrived in Dallas at 3:30 pm.  Ivan drove to the downtown area.  We went to the Sixth Floor Museum.  It talks about John F. Kennedy and his assassination.  It was really interesting.  I found it a bit sad though.

We were getting hungry.  Ivan was looking for food places in the GPS unit.  He saw Dick’s Last Resort.  We decided to drive there and see if there was anything good to eat nearby.

We parked near Dick’s.  There wasn’t much selection so we decided to eat at Dick’s.  Dick’s Last Resort is a restaurant is where the servers are rude to you.  They make witty, humorous comments to you.  They also make hats with funny things on them. 


Our waiter started out rude but then became nice.  We ordered the salmon and a side order of catfish to share.  The catfish was good and the salmon was alright.

We drove to the couchsurfer’s house we’d be staying with.  We talked a little bit to Ramano.  He took us to a bar called Barcadia.  It’s filled with 80’s arcade games, skeeball and big jenga games.  We met Ramano’s friends.  Ivan and I ordered hummus to share and each had a glass of wine.  We played a few games of Street Fighter II. 

We all went to another bar nearby called The Corner Bar.  It’s really noisy in there.  People were singing really bad karaoke.  The main room was way too noisy.  We stayed there for little while.  Ivan, me and Ramano headed back to Ramano’s house.

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