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Oklahoma City

Ivan and I checked out of The Big Texan on February 22, 2010.  It was freezing cold outside.  The night before, it snowed for a little while so there was an inch of snow on the car.  Ivan cleared the snow from the windows.

Ivan drove us to Cadillac Ranch.  We actually drove right by it the night before.  But, we didn’t know since it was too dark.  It’s 10 Cadillacs that are stuck in the ground.  It’s been there 36 years so the Cadillacs are very deteriorated. There’s also lots of graffiti on the cars. 


It looks really cool though.  I took a picture of each of the ten cars. 


I would have done the bottom of each car but it was way too cold out.  I forgot my gloves so my hands were freaking cold.

We started driving around 12:30 pm.  I’m glad that Ivan was driving.  It was still actually raining a bit and the roads were a little icy.  At one point we skidded a bit. 

As we drove past Groom, Texas, we saw The Leaning Water Tower.

We stopped at Devil’s Rope Museum in McLean.  The museum was actually closed but somebody was interviewing a man for a position since the museum opens back up in March.  He let us in for free.  It was cold in there since the heating wasn’t being used during the closure.  There’s a Route 66 area and a barbed wire area.  We went to the Route 66 area. 


There was lots of Route 66 memorabilia there.  There were signs, items and newspaper articles. 

I drove for about three hours to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We arrived about 6:10 pm.  We met Jeff the couchsurfer we would be staying with. His house is really massive that’s set up like a loft.  It has some really cool decor inside. 

Jeff is a friendly guy.  He works out of his home.  Currently, he’s making a few products that he hopes to sell in the near future. 

Jeff drove us in his new car to Khazana.  It’s an Indian restaurant with a buffet.  The chicken tikka masala was so tasty! 

We went back to Jeff’s house.  Jeff got some movies for us from Netflix.  We watched a movie called Lo.  It was supposed to be a comedy horror movie.  It was just a really weird horror movie.  Lo is definitely the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  We wanted to watch another movie.  Ivan was naming different British movies that Jeff might like.  Unfortunately, only some movies are available for streaming.  We watched the movie Heist.  It’s a good movie with lots of twists.

We said good night to Jeff.  Ivan and I used the internet for awhile  then went to bed on this huge, comfortable couch.


The Way to Amarillo

It was snowing on February 21, 2010 in Santa Fe.  We started walking to the plaza and it started snowing even harder.  We wanted to check out Tia Sophia’s but it was closed since it was Sunday.  Apparently, a lot of things are closed on Sunday in Santa Fe. 

We walked to Cafe Pascual and decided to eat there.  There was a wait so Ivan put his name on the waiting list.  It only took a few minutes to get a table since people left.  We ordered a quesadilla and huevos motuleños to share.  The food was okay and pricey.

We walked to the Loretto Chapel.  It’s $3 for entry.  It’s known for the Miraculous Staircase.  It was actually features on the tv show Unsolved Mysteries.  This staircase was built by a carpenter in 1877. 


Apparently, the staircase was made of wood that’s unknown to man.  Also, it was built without nails or any central support.  Nobody saw how the staircase was created.  The story also states that the carpenter disappeared before they could ask him how it was made.  The stairs has 33 stairs, the age of Jesus Christ when he  died.  The railings were added later on and also a support that connects it to the wall.  The chapel is pretty inside.

Ivan started driving towards Amarillo, Texas.  It was raining or snowing a lot during the beginning of our trip.  We made our way to Madrid and made a short stop.  We went inside Cowgirl Red.  There was a lady who had a place that had lots of weird art.  Unfortunately, she was convicted since she couldn’t pay her rent.  Two of her art pieces are inside Cowgirl Red. 


The art was a motorcycle made out of human bones.  It looks pretty cool!

A few years ago, Peter Kay (a comedian in England) remade the song Is this the Way to Amarillo?  It was really popular.  So, Ivan wanted to stop there because of this song.  We did play the song a couple times before arriving in Amarillo. 

We stopped at Love’s travel shop.  Ivan asked a lady there Is this the way to Amarillo?  He thought that either the person would be annoyed since they’ve heard that question a lot or tell him the way.  The lady said You’re in Amarillo.  He said where’s the town?  She said it’s down the highway that way (and she pointed). 

We arrived in Amarillo at 8:30 pm.  We drove to the Big Texan Hotel.  The rooms are set like an old town with colorful buildings.


We wanted to eat at their Big Texan Steak Ranch restaurant.  Ivan asked the rate at the hotel.  The lady said it was $69 plus tax for two people.  Ivan somehow talked her down to $50 with tax.  That’s a deal!

We went to the Big Texan Steak Ranch.  It’s known for the 72 oz. steak meal (with salad, shrimp, 2 rolls and dessert) that’s offered free if you can eat it for under an hour – otherwise you pay $55.  There was a guy who was attempting to eat it.  You can check out their webcam  showing people trying to eat the big steak online.  We ordered the 1 lb. catfish dish and a chicken salad to share.  It was delicious!  We had a friendly waiter named Josh. 

It was snowing lightly while we walked back to our room.  We watched some television and then went to sleep.

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